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3 Factors to Consider When Choosing a New Commercial Roof

Choosing a new commercial roof is a huge responsibility. How do you choose a roof? What factors should come into play when considering a roof? Who do you go to when you have questions?

As The premier exterior remodeler on the front range contractor in The Front Range, Custom Exteriors, LLC is here to help by providing the 3 factors to consider when choosing a new commercial roof for your commercial property.

1. Consider Your Budget

Your budget is the first factor to consider when you’re choosing a commercial roof. Having a consistent budget will help you choose building materials, a roofing contractor, and even a maintenance package. Knowing your budget and recognizing the costs is a great way to get started with your roofing project.

While figuring out your budget, you want to keep in mind that you aren’t just paying for raw materials. You’ll be paying roofing experts to help install your new roof as well as any maintenance package payments that may be needed. Having a budget gives you a rough outline of how much you’re willing to spend on your new roof.

2. Building Location and Condition

When looking for a new roof, it’s important to look at where your building is located and what condition that building is in. The design and structure of your building will have an impact on your roofing choices.

The physical location of your building and the environment surrounding your building will have an impact on your roofing choices. You want to know which direction your building faces, if there are any trees that provide shade near your building, what amount of rainfall and snowfall should be expected on your building site, and if your building is near an area where there are frequent wildfires.

Taking your building location and condition into account will help you choose the best roofing for your commercial property. Some building materials will be more effective near high heats than others. Some building materials might do better with moisture than others. Knowing what you need from your roof is one of the most important factors when you’re looking at a new roof.

3. Your Business Needs

When choosing a new roof, you should consider your business needs as well. What is your building being used for? Do you store materials here? Is it an office building? Are there toxic materials involved? Do you need roof access?

All of these questions will help lead you to the perfect roofing system for your property. If you’re replacing a current roofing system, the experts at Custom Exteriors, LLC offer professional roofing inspections. Our experts can help you learn where improvements on your roofing system can be made and which choices were good for your business.

To make sure you’re getting the best roofing options for your commercial roofing project, call the experts at Custom Exteriors, LLC today.

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