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Your Trusted Exterior Painting Company In Brush Colorado

make a beautiful home with Custom Exteriors

your exterior painting company in Brush, Colorado

Custom Exteriors is your trusted choice for exterior painting in Brush. This is because we take pride in our work. We also take pride in transforming our community and its property’s curb appeal. So, if you want to refresh your home or update your commercial building, Custom Exteriors is your go-to team of expert exterior painters in Brush. 

1. Local Experience:

As Colorado natives, we understand the local climate, building style, and community needs. This is because we are your neighbors. As such, we want to preserve the unique beauty of Northern Colorado’s homes. Please take a moment to review some recent projects.

2. Experienced Painters:

Our team of seasoned exterior painters comes with unmatched experience and craftsmanship. In fact, we bring years of industry knowledge and expertise to every project. Thus ensuring five-star results every time as reflected by our 5-star Google rating and our local BBB profile.

3. Personal Approach:

We understand that every project is unique. That is why we always take the time to listen to your goals and style choices. This without a doubt allows us to tailor our painting services to match your vision. 

4. Respect Time:

At Custom Exteriors, we respect your time. Because of this, we work efficiently to complete your exterior painting project on schedule. And we do this without sacrificing quality. 

Local exterior painter painting home blue
Professional Painter in Colorado painting a home
Custom Exteriors is Brush's exterior painter

Before you paint: Six things to consider

When choosing a professional painter in Brush it's important to define your goals prior to choosing an exterior painter in Brush

Define your goals

Before you choose from exterior painters in Brush, take a moment to define your painting goals. For example, are you looking to refresh your existing color or make a bold new statement? Either way, clearly laying out your plans will guide your decision-making process. 

When painting the outside of your home, determine your budget before you call an exterior painter in Brush

Budget Planning

Determine your budget early in the planning phase. Consider factors such as the size of your project, the quality of materials you plan to use, and any additional services. This can then help set a realistic budget before the project begins. 

Before you hire a professional painter to repaint a house in Brush, get a feel for a color scheme you may want to use

Color Selection

Explore different color schemes. While doing so, keep in mind your personal style, the architecture of your property, and the neighborhood’s general appearance. A reputable Brush painting company can answer any painting questions.

Before you or a professional Brush painting company repaints your house, the surface must be prepared to allow for the best paint job

Surface prep

Proper preparation is the key to a lasting paint job. Inspect and correct any damage or cracks. Then, clean the surface of debris, dirt, and peeling paint. Addressing these issues upfront ensures a smoother painting job. 

Once you have decided to repaint your house, consult with a professional painter in Brush

talk to a pro

Consider scheduling a meeting with an experienced exterior painting company. They can provide valuable opinions on your project. Additionally, they should recommend the best materials, techniques, and color options. 

Severe weather can impact painting a home in Brush


Our Colorado climate can be harsh. So, consider the local weather conditions when planning your project timeline. Always avoid painting during extreme temperatures and moisture. 

make us your Brush Exterior painter

Choosing Custom Exteriors as your exterior painter in Brush means aligning yourself with a reputable partner. We are a company that believes in helping you define your goals and bring them to life. 

We understand the importance of budget planning. Because of this, our approach is designed to provide you with cost-effective solutions. Because we do this while delivering great results, we are a top choice for exterior painting in Brush. 

Custom Exteriors’ dedication to your projects is what helps us exceed our customer’s expectations. And so, we pride ourselves on being your go-to choice for exterior painting in Brush. Additionally, this seamless process delivers lasting, beautiful results. 

Exterior painting company in Brush painting the exterior of a home

should i use a cool or warm colors when i repaint my house?

When selecting the right paint colors for your home’s exterior, there is much to consider. One such thing is making sure you understand the pros and cons of cool and warm color choices. So, keep in mind these two palettes can have a significant effect on your home’s appearance. So, let’s explore the pros and cons of each:

Cool Colors:


1. Soothing Ambiance:

Cool colors like blues, greens, and purples create a calm and relaxing atmosphere. Because of this, they are a great fit for homes where tranquility and relaxation are a priority. 

2. Timeless Appeal:

Many cool colors have a sophisticated and timeless quality. As such, they are not trendy and will ensure your home looks great for years. 

3. Visual Expansion:

Cool colors can visually expand spaces. This, in turn, can make your home look larger. Additionally, cool colors blend well with many outdoor elements. 


1. Lack Of Warmth:

Cool colors can sometimes feel cold or sterile. So, this may make them the wrong choice for some styles of home. Additionally, cool colors can appear dull or lifeless.

2. Can Appear Too Formal:

Lastly, overusing cool colors may lead to a loss of your personal style. This can then result in your property looking too formal. It can also make your property feel less welcoming. 

Cool tone exterior paint colors

Warm Colors:


1. Cozy & Inviting:

Reds, yellows, oranges, and other warm colors help to create a warm and welcoming environment. They are a perfect way to exude warmth and friendliness. 

2. Energy & Vibrancy:

Warm colors also add a lot of personality and charm to your property. Specifically, warm colors are great for adding a sense of energy and vibrancy to your property. 

3. Balancing Act:

In homes with many unique architectural features or surroundings, warm colors can provide balance and a touch of comfort. Some warm tones are also great for hiding imperfections on your home. 


1. Overwhelm Potential:

Using too many warm colors can be overwhelming. Because of this, it may cause unwanted attention by making your home seem busy or chaotic. Finding a balance is essential. 

2. Too Hot To Handle:

Darker, warm tones tend to absorb heat. This can increase energy costs. Also, some warm colors can be trendy. As such, they may go out of style over time.

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