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In the context of condominium associations, a property manager plays a pivotal role in overseeing various aspects of the property’s maintenance needs. This includes the critical task of roof replacements and exterior restoration. This responsibility requires a seasoned and knowledgeable team to ensure the association’s long-term well-being. 

When contemplating the replacement of the roofs within a condo association, property managers are tasked with a range of important decisions. When you choose Custom Exteriors as your condo association’s roofing contractor, you can expect us to help with: 

Roof condition assessment:

As the association’s property manager, you are tasked with determining the current condition of the roofing system. Custom Exteriors offers no-obligation community inspections to assess the roof’s age, existing damage, wear and tear, and overall structural integrity. This in-depth roof inspection is fundamental in determining whether the roof needs replacing or repairing. If applicable, copies of our inspection results will be presented to the management and the HOA board. These results are documented both in text and in photos and videos. 

Additionally, Custom Exteriors offers specialized maintenance plans to condo communities to relieve the manager from some exterior support and ensure the community stays beautiful for years to come. Custom Exteriors is also a full-service exterior remodeling company. So, our exterior services and maintenance include windows, siding, exterior paint, and gutters. Imagine using a single contractor to maintain an entire community! With Custom Exteriors, you can. 

Local Building codes and regulations:

As a busy professional, you have more important things to do than be updated on local roofing codes. That is where Custom Exteriors comes in. Our skilled roofing team is licensed and insured to complete multi-family roof replacements throughout Colorado. Our roofing experts ensure that every condo association roof replacement we complete complies with these standards. Because we are a professional, licensed roofing contractor, we can and will secure the necessary permits and inspections, taking that off your plate. 

Material Selection:

The choice of roofing materials matters. When choosing a replacement roof for a condo association, many factors should be considered, including durability, energy efficiency, the style of the neighborhood, and more. Custom Exteriors will work with the community to choose the best style for their homes while prioritizing cost-effectiveness and weather resistance. Many communities opt for a Class 4 shingle to further protect their communities. 

Project planning and Timeline:

When Custom Exteriors replaces the roofs for your condo association, we create comprehensive plans to ensure minimal disruption to the daily life of the community members. We work hard to coordinate with other contractors and the community to create a seamless execution of the roof replacement project. We value keeping community members informed with timelines and clear expectations. 

Because we have a deep understanding of roofing systems, we are able to customize our installations to meet the needs of a condo association roof replacement. It requires skills only gain from first-hand experience. Our ability to navigate these complex roof replacements is a testament to our expertise and experience in condo association roof replacements. 

Custom Exteriors replacing a dumpster on multi family roof replacements in Colorado
Multi-family roof replacement in Northern Colorado by Custom Exteriors

Experience the Custom Exteriors difference:
your condo association roof replacement

When Custom Exteriors replaces the roofs in your multi-family community, we take care of so much more than just a properly installed roof. We also provide: 

When Custom Exteriors replaces the roofs in your condo community, you can expect clear and consistent communication

Clear communication:

Custom Exteriors prides itself on effective communication. In addition to our fantastic customer service team, regularly scheduled progress reports, electronic communication, and automated milestone updates are all utilized to keep you informed.

Custom Exteriors prioritizes quality installations

quality Work:

When working on multi-family roof replacements, quality of work is always a top consideration. High-quality installations, knowledgeable and skilled installers, and attention to detail are among our highest priorities at Custom Exteriors. 

Custom Exteriors provides clear timelines when replacing the roofs in a multi-family community


In multi-family roofing, window, or siding replacement, setting appropriate timelines and then abiding by the project’s timely completion is invaluable. We understand that the repairs impact the community, so an organized and timely completion is imperative. 

When Custom Exteriors replaces the roofs in your multi-family community, they are safe

Safe Job sites:

We take safety seriously. Custom Exteriors takes appropriate safety precautions to ensure the safety of not only our team but the occupants of the property itself. A safe job site is a Custom Exteriors job site. 

Custom Exteriors understands that to complete condo community roof replacements, you must be flexible


Circumstances change. It’s a fact of life. Especially in a multi-family setting, it isn’t easy to coordinate repairs and minimize disruption in the community. It requires your roofing contractor to be flexible. 

Custom Exteriors offers cost effective options and has financing available for roof replacements

Cost Effectiveness:

At Custom Exteriors, we understand the need for reasonable service prices combined with unmatched service levels. Custom Exteriors also provides financing to make repairs available at any budget. 

Our other multi-family services:

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Custom Exteriors installs windows button
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Easy multi-family roof replacements:
The communication-focused team at Custom Exteriors

At Custom Exteriors, we understand the importance of communication in any roofing project, especially for multi-family communities managed by property managers. That’s why we have established a specialized communication system that ensures seamless and efficient communication throughout the roofing project. 

At Custom Exteriors, communication is critical to the success of any roofing project. That’s why we have established a specialized communication system that ensures everyone is informed, prepared, and aware of what’s happening at every step. 

Communication surveys and more:
Making the roof replacement easy on the property manager

Our communication system starts with a communication preference survey sent to the community’s property manager. This survey helps us learn how they want to be communicated with – whether by phone, email, or text. We understand that each manager is different, just like the properties they manage. Because of this understanding, we tailor our communication to meet their unique needs and preferences. 

We also offer access to our customer online portal to the property manager. Inside this system, property managers can review the status of repairs. The portal provides real-time updates on product orders and schedules. This allows property managers to stay informed about the progress of the project. 

In addition to the regular communication, we provide bi-weekly updates with progress reports throughout the project. We understand that unexpected things can happen during any roofing project, and we want the property manager to be aware of any changes as they happen. Our progress reports provide a snapshot of where we are in the project and what is left to be completed. 

preparation for the roof replacement start date:
Informing the community

Once the survey is complete, we prepare for the project to begin in several ways. First and foremost, an email is sent throughout the community introducing ourselves and providing contact information if needed. This email will include a QR code that leads the community member to our web page designed for community residents. This page is intended to inform them of the process of the upcoming roof replacement and set reasonable expectations. 

In addition to the email, we leave a physical notice about repairs starting on every door in the community. This notice includes the project’s start date, the estimated completion date, what dates directly affect the building in question, and our contact information in case residents have any questions or concerns. 

Another method we use to keep the community informed is adding informative content to the community newsletter if applicable. This includes reasonable expectations, information about start dates and project details, and any other information relevant to the community. We understand that having work done on a multi-family building can be disruptive, and we want to ensure that residents are informed and prepared for what’s to come. 

Building trust through quality multi-family roof replacements

At Custom Exteriors, we specialize in providing high-quality roofing services to multi-family property buildings. Because the roof of your managed buildings is such a critical component, you need a roofing company you can trust. Custom Exteriors is a company that focuses on quality workmanship and has a proven track record of success. 

At Custom Exteriors, we have HAAG-certified roofing inspectors and decades of experience in multi-family roofing. We understand the unique challenges of roofing multi-family properties because we have completed multi-family roof replacements throughout Colorado. Our team’s experience allows us to handle any multi-family roof replacement, big or small. We aim to give you the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your property is in good hands. 

Replacing a roof on a multi-family building is a significant investment, and ensuring that work is done correctly is essential. Our definition of quality work is: 

Custom Exteriors values proper installation of multi-family roof

Proper Installation:

Quality work starts with proper installation. Custom Exteriors follows manufacturers’ guidelines and industry standards when replacing your condo association’s roofs. Adequate installation prevents leaks, ice dams, and additional maintenance needs. 

Our multi-family roof replacements are high quality installation and materials

Quality Materials:

Quality materials and checks are essential for the long-term durability of your new roof. Custom Exteriors uses high-quality roofing materials such as shingles, underlayment, and flashing. We do this to ensure your new roof’s long life span. 

Custom Exteriors has a eye for detail during roof replacements of multi-family roofs

Attention to Detail:

Custom Exteriors pays close attention to the details of your community roof installations. We ensure every roof replacement we complete has properly aligned shingles and proper water flow and correct any potential problem areas during replacement. 

Custom Exteriors is a skilled and experienced multi-family roof replacement company

Experienced & Skilled Roofers:

Every quality roof replacement project requires skilled and experienced roofers working on various roofing systems. Our skilled team is knowledgeable in the latest industry standards and can handle any issues that arise during the project. 

Custom Exteriors prioritizes communication with HOA boards members, community members and property managers during roof replacements of multi-family buildings

Top-Notch Communication:

Custom Exteriors understands that communication is essential in ensuring work is completed to the highest standards. We communicate with the community throughout the project, providing updates, addressing concerns, and more. 

Custom Exteriors leaves your community clean after a multi-family roof replacement

Thorough & Timely Clean-Up:

We believe clean-up should occur during and after work, leaving no debris or materials behind. Our team also uses magnets to collect roofing nails that may have fallen. This ensures the safety of the community, its residents, and the roofing crews. 

What makes Custom Exteriors different?

At Custom Exteriors, we understand that replacing the roof on a multi-family building can be a significant undertaking for both property managers and residents. That is why we prioritize clear communication throughout the entire process. 

We believe that great communication is key to ensuring a successful roofing project. That’s why we go above and beyond to ensure everyone is aware of what to expect during the project, from the initial consultation to the final inspection. We offer several communication channels, including:

Our team is committed to providing a seamless experience that minimizes disruptions to your daily life. We consider the community’s needs and concerns and work closely with property managers to develop a comprehensive plan accommodating all parties. Our traffic impact plans are carefully designed to ensure that residents have safe and convenient access to their homes during the construction process. 

At Custom Exteriors, we understand that multi-family buildings require special attention and care. Our team of experienced professionals has the skills and expertise needed to handle large-scale roofing and construction projects, from inspections and repairs to complete roof replacements. We only use the highest quality materials and modern techniques to ensure that your new roof will withstand the test of time. 

With our commitment to clear communication, superior workmanship, and excellent customer service, Custom Exteriors is the go-to roofing company for multi-family roof replacements. Contact us today to learn how we can help you with your multi-family roofing needs. 

Notification of possible disruptions is given to the community prior to the multi-family roof replacement begins

The power of a timely multi-family roof replacement


Minimizing Disruption to the Community:

Multi-family properties often have many residents, and construction work can disrupt their daily lives. Completing the project on time will minimize the disruption to their routines and ensure they are inconvenienced as little as possible. Timely project completion is essential for roofing work since a leaky or damaged roof can cause significant issues for the property and the residents alike. 

Custom Exteriors prioritizes meeting our deadlines when replacing your condo association roofs

Meeting Deadlines:

Property managers often work under tight deadlines, and roofing projects can be a part of their more extensive construction plans. Timeliness is essential to ensure the project is completed according to the schedule. A delay in completing the roof replacement can cause a ripple effect, delaying other construction projects. 

Custom Exteriors prioritize cost savings for the community roof replacement

Cost Savings:

Timeliness is also critical in cost savings. Completing the project on time can save the property manager money by avoiding additional costs such as extended rental costs or damages due to a leaky roof. Timely project completion can reduce labor costs, resulting in lower labor costs and minimizing usage charges. 

Safety First

Replacing a roof on a multi-family building involves several safety considerations to ensure that workers, residents, and property are not at risk. Some safety considerations include:

roofing solutions as flexible as your needs

Customized Solutions

Every multi-family property has its unique needs and challenges. A flexible roofing contractor can provide customized solutions tailored to the property's specific needs. They can adapt to any challenges presented by the building's design or the local environment, providing an efficient and effective solution.

minimizing Disruptions

A flexible roofing contractor can work around the schedules of tenants and property managers to minimize disruption to their daily routines. They can work outside of regular business hours, accommodate special requests, and provide solutions that ensure minimal disturbance to the property.

Cost Savings

A flexible roofing contractor can provide cost savings by offering different options for materials that meet the unique needs of the community's budget., labor, and scheduling. They can work with property managers to develop a plan that fits within their budget and timeframe, without compromising on the quality of the work.

a roofing company with cost-effective pricing and maintenance solutions

At Custom Exteriors, we specialize in providing top-quality roofing services at affordable prices. Our team  of multi-family roof replacement experts is dedicated to ensuring that our clients receive the best value for their investment. At Custom Exteriors, we offer a full range of solutions including:

Let Custom Exteriors Help!!

Let the multi-family and HOA-managed community experts at Custom Exteriors make your life easier. Combine our decades of experience in the industry and our unmatched customer service with the automation of our systems, and we are the only contractor you need. 

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