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Custom Exteriors:
Colorado's trusted multi-family roofing Contractors

In beautiful Colorado, where the style of multi-family communities often mirrors our beautiful landscape, one name is synonymous with trust and experience in multi-family roofing: Custom Exteriors. Our experience includes roof replacements for condo associations scattered all across our state. When your community replaces its roofs with Custom Exteriors, community members and property managers alike can expect: 

Clear Communication:

Custom Exteriors provides clear timelines, schedules, and updates about the project’s progress. This includes any changes or delays that might occur due to unforeseen circumstances. 

Safety Measures:

Our established safety protocols protect not only our skilled roofers, but residents, their properties, and their vehicles from any potential harm or damage during the roof replacements. 

Minimal disruption:

Our skilled roofing team works diligently to minimize noise and disturbances, especially during early morning or late evening hours and on weekends. 

Property Protection:

We take measures to prevent debris from damaging landscaping, pathways, vehicles, and other structures. This can be achieved through the use of tarps, barriers, and proper debris disposal methods. 

Access Notifications:

If there is a need to block certain areas for safety or work purposes, residents will be notified in advance so they can make alternative arrangements. 

Thorough Clean-Up:

Our roofing team will ensure the site is cleaned daily and thoroughly after the project’s completion. This includes the removal of old roofing materials, nails, and other debris. 

Dedicated Point of Contact:

Custom Exteriors assigns a project manager and customer service representative as a point of contact on every multi-family roofing project we complete. This makes it easier for community residents to raise concerns, ask questions, or get updates. 

Customized Plans:

Recognizing that each community has unique needs and challenges, Custom Exteriors offers tailored solutions and plans that consider factors like parking arrangements, common area access, and resident schedules. 

Insurance and Warranty:

Before we even begin the project, Custom Exteriors provides the HOA board, property manager, and community residents with proof of our licensing and insurance to cover any potential issues. Additionally, when the work is complete, we offer one of the best warranties in the industry for both workmanship and materials. 

Education and long-term maintenance:

Custom Exteriors takes pride in providing all of our customers with the knowledge of how to maintain their property, how to identify roof damage safely, and when to seek professional help. We also offer customized multi-family maintenance plans that monitor the condition of the community, preventing minor issues from escalating. 


Understanding that unforeseen circumstances or emergencies can arise, Custom Exteriors is flexible in accommodating any changes or specific requests from community members, board members, or property managers. 

Custom Exteriors loading roofing supplies on building during multi-family roof replacement
Roof replacement on condo association buildings by Custom Exteriors
Roof being loaded with shingles during condo association roof replacement by Custom Exteriors

Our other Multi-family Services:

What makes a multi-family roof replacement different?

Custom Exteriors is Colorado’s preferred roofing company for Multi-Family, Condo Association, and HOA-managed communities. Colorado continues to choose us because of our attention to detail and vast experience in the HOA restoration field. At Custom Exteriors, we understand that managing a large scale project across an entire community of homes can be challenging. Fortunately, we have the experience and knowledge to make every experience you have with Custom Exteriors a good one. Here’s what makes a multi-family roof replacement different:

The size and shape of a multi-family roof replacement is generally more complex than a single family home

Size and Shape difference:

Typically, a roof replacement on a multi-family building is much larger. It is often much more complex than a single-family home as well.  

Multi-family roof replacements often have limited access

Roof Access is Limited:

Condo association roof replacements are more challenging due to height and safety factors, limiting access, and requiring extra precautions. 

Multi-family roof replacements often have materials other than just asphalt shingles

Roofing Material:

The majority of homes in Colorado use asphalt shingles. However, multi-family buildings can have decorative or flat roofs requiring specialty materials. 

Maintenance on a condo association neighborhood exterior is more challenging than single family maintenance

Complex maintenance:

Multi-family communities often require regular inspections and repairs coordinated between many parties to maintain a functional community. 

Custom Exteriors is Colorado’s trusted partner for many local HOA-managed communities. We understand their unique needs and have the experience to meet them seamlessly and professionally. Contact us today for a no-obligation, no-cost assessment of your community. 

Expert roofing services for your multi-family community

At Custom Exteriors, we understand that a multi-family community project is more complex than a residential or even some commercial roof replacements. Some of the main factors impacting a multi-family roof replacement include:

What makes us different

One of the main challenges of working in a multi-family living community is the issue of parking and traffic. With limited parking spots, planning and coordinating the project carefully is important. By doing so, Custom Exteriors ensures minimal disruption to residents during roof delivery and installation. Our team will: 

Multi-family roof replacements without the worry

Another challenge of working in multi-family living communities is minimizing disturbance to tenants. We understand the impact that such a large-scale project can have on the community. Because of this, we take extra care to reduce excess noise and work quickly and efficiently while maintaining the highest quality and safety. 

Because of this, scheduling is another critical aspect of working in multi-family living communities. We work closely with property managers and the community to develop timelines that work for everyone involved. We pride ourselves in our flexibility and ability to adapt to changing circumstances. Combining this with our experience in condo association remodeling, replacement projects are completed on schedule and to the highest quality standards. 

Our multi-family roof replacement team has the experience and expertise to complete roofing projects under these unique circumstances. We understand the specific requirements and challenges of working in multi-family communities. Because of our extensive experience, we have the tools, equipment, skilled roofers, and knowledge necessary to get the job done right the first time. 

Multi-family roof replacement by custom Exteriors
Roof and siding replacement on multi-family community by Custom Exteriors

Communication: The key to a successful Multi-family roof replacement

At Custom Exteriors, we understand that communication is the key to a successful multi-family roofing project. Because of the architecture of the community, multi-family roof replacements often involve heavy equipment, large amounts of materials, and numerous roofing installers. If not managed properly, this can be a safety risk to residents. At Custom Exteriors, we ensure that the property manager, residents, and our crews know potential hazards and take the appropriate precautions. Other important factors that require communication with the community are: 

roof being loaded during a multi-family roof replacement by Custom exteriors

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