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Custom exteriors is Colorado's Multi-Family roofing expert

Your trusted partner for multi-familly roofing solutions

Custom Exteriors specializes in providing top-quality roof replacements for multi-family living communities, including condos, apartments, townhomes, and retirement communities. We understand that these properties present unique challenges regarding roofing projects. We’re committed to providing our clients with the highest level of service and expertise to ensure a successful project. 

If your community needs exterior remodeling services, Custom Exteriors can help.

HOA Roofing Experts

Custom Exteriors is Colorado’s preferred roofing company for Multi-Family and HOA-managed communities. This is because of our attention to detail and vast experience in the HOA restoration field. 

At Custom Exteriors, we understand that managing an entire community of homes can be challenging. Fortunately, we have the experience and knowledge to make every encounter you have with Custom Exteriors, a pleasant and efficient one! We understand the key differences between exterior replacement and repairs on a single-family home and those on a multi-family home.

  1. The size and shape difference. Typically, a multi-family home’s roof is much larger and more complex. 
  2.  Access to the roof is often limited. When completing a roof replacement on a multi-family property, consideration must be made to provide safe access for both the homeowners and tenants and the crews to safely complete the project. 
  3.  Roofing materials may differ. The majority of single-family homes use traditional roofing materials such as asphalt shingles whereas multi-family properties often require specialty roof installations such as TPO or PVC membrane roofing systems.  
  4.  Maintenance on a multi-family home is typically more complex and time-consuming. HOA community roofs often need regular inspections and repairs are often being coordinated between multiple homeowners. 

Custom Exteriors is Northern Colorado’s trusted partner for many local HOA communities. We understand and have experience with the needs specific to a multi-family community. Contact us today for a no-cost, no-obligation assessment of your community. 

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Expert roofing services for your multi-family property

What makes us different

At Custom Exteriors, we understand that a multi-family community project is more complex than a residential or even some commercial roof replacements. 

One of the main challenges of working in a multi-family living community is the issue of parking. With parking spots limited, it’s important to carefully plan and coordinate the project to ensure minimal disruption to residents during roof delivery and installation. Our team is experienced in working with property managers to develop plans regarding loss of access during delivery and installation, safely coordinating heavy equipment around the residents, and creating schedules that minimize inconvenience to the residents. 

Another challenge of working in multi-family living communities is the need to minimize disturbance to tenants. We understand that residents may have concerns about noise and other disruptions during the roofing project, and we take extra care to minimize excess noise and work quickly and efficiently while still maintaining the highest level of quality and safety. 

Because of this, scheduling is another critical aspect of working on multi-family living communities. We work closely with property managers and the community to develop a timeline that works for everyone involved. We pride ourselves in our flexibility and ability to adapt to changing circumstances to ensure the project stays on schedule. 

Our multi-family roof replacement team has the experience and expertise necessary to complete roofing projects under these unique circumstances. We understand the specific requirements and challenges of working in multi-family living communities, and we have the tools, equipment, and knowledge necessary to get the job done right. 


the key to a successful multi-family roof replacement

At Custom Exteriors, we understand that communication plays an essential role in a successful multi-family roof replacement project. Roof replacement in an HOA-managed community involves a lot of heavy equipment, materials, and workers. This can pose a safety risk to residents. We understand the importance of communicating effectively with the property manager, residents, and crews to ensure everyone is aware of the potential hazards and takes necessary precautions. Other important factors that require communication throughout the community are:

multi-family roof replacement

Feel at home watching your new roof replacements and love what you see

Together, we will improve your community

A multi-family roof replacement can be more challenging than a single-family roof replacement because it requires more planning, coordination, and resources than a single-family roof replacement due to the unique challenges posed by multi-family communities.

In addition to the knowledge and experience required to complete a project of this scale, communication is critical during a roof replacement on a multi-family community to ensure safety, minimize disruption, and keep residents informed and involved in the process. 


Multi-family communities often have more units and residents than single-family homes, which can make access to the roof more difficult. Roofing contractors may need to temporarily restrict access to areas to ensure the safety of the residents and the roofing crew.


Roof replacement on multi-family communities requires coordination between property managers, residents, and the roofing contractor. The roofing contractor must work around the residents' schedules and ensure minimal disruption to their daily lives.

Permits & regulations

Multi-family communities are often subject to more regulations than single-family homes and will require permitting for a roof replacement. This can include knowledge of zoning laws, building codes, and environmental regulations, making the process more complex.

Structural Complexity

Multi-family buildings are often more structurally complex than single-family homes, with more significant spans, complicated roof designs, and complex roof structures. This can make the roof replacement process more difficult and time-consuming.

Heavy equipment

During material delivery and roof installations, heavy equipment is often required to load shingles on the roof's surface and allow access to the roof for installation. Because of this, additional consideration must be given to the communication and safety of all involved.


Multi-family roof replacements can be more expensive than single-family roof replacements due to the larger size of the roof, the need for specialized equipment, and the additional labor required to coordinate with residents and property managers.

Our Customers are Happy

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"Custom Exteriors did a fantastic job with the exterior painting of my house. The quality of work is outstanding, and the house looks amazing!"

Jean H

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"We are completely satisfied with every detail from the sale to installation. If you need to replace your windows call and save money!"

James C

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"A tree fell on my garage roof. Custom Exteriors repaired the roof. They were professional and considerate of my and my neighbors' property."

Melissa K

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