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Multi-Family Exterior Repair & Restoration

Roofing, Windows, Siding, Paint, Gutters

Experienced Multi-Family Exterior Restoration Contractor

A multi-family community varies significantly from its single-family counterpart. At Custom Exteriors, we understand this.

Many additional considerations must be considered when doing large-scale community projects. These considerations include: 

  1.  Ownership. In single-family construction, homeowners own their home and the land it sits on. As such, they are responsible for all maintenance and repairs associated. In a multi-family property, there are often different owners in the same building. Additionally, some maintenance falls into the HOA to coordinate and complete. 
  2.  Density. In a multi-family, HOA-managed community, multiple units comprise each building. Large-scale projects require more planning and communication. We are skilled at communication with community members, property managers, board members, and city inspectors. 
  3.  Rules and Regulations. The HOA has established rules to maintain a safe, pleasant, and cohesive community. These often come into play when planning large-scale remodel projects. 
multi-family siding replacement company
multi-family roofing replacement company
multi-family siding replacement company

Nothern colorado's HOA managed community partner

The Custom Difference



At Custom Exteriors, it's our experience that sets us apart from the rest. Because we have partnered with communities throughout the area, we are knowledgeable in local codes and can deliver quality work that meets the unique needs of a multi-family housing community.


quality workmanship

Custom Exterior has built a reputation for delivering quality work, using high-quality materials, and adhering to best practices. This ensures the project is completed efficiently, effectively, and with minimum disruption to the residents.



Good communication is critical to the success of any project, but especially when it comes to construction on a multi-family community. Custom Exteriors has developed a custom system to ensure the property manager, board members and community members stay in the know!

HOA Community services:

multi-family roofing company

roof replacements

Custom Exteriors has helped communities up and down the front range replace the roofs of their communities. We are experienced in insurance negotiation on behalf of the community and work hard to minimize the impact of this large-scale project.

multi-family siding company

Siding replacements

Siding replacement on a multi-family building is a large task. Custom Exteriors understands the inconvenience it creates for residents. As such, we work hard to create as little disruption to the community and communicate our replacement schedule clearly.

multi-family window company

window replacements

Window replacement in an HOA-managed community is a unique task as we must gain access to the interior of each unit. Our skilled window team will coordinate personally with each resident to ensure a smooth installation.

multi-family roof replacement

What kind of shingle is right for my community's roof replacement?

When replacing the roofs in an HOA-managed community, the factors that meet your personal preferences and city requirements will often differ. A qualified roofing contractor can help explain the factors that should affect your decision. Let Custom Exteriors help you with all of your Northern Colorado roofing needs.

Multi-Family Roofing Contractors

Custom Exteriors is Northern Colorado’s premier multi-family roofing contractor. Providing unmatched communication to community members, property managers, and board members is a priority. We understand the complexity of effectively executing a roofing project in an HOA-managed community. We take additional consideration to ensure the community’s satisfaction and safety. 

Additionally, we partner with some of the industry’s largest asphalt shingle manufacturers, This includes Owens CorningGAFCertainteed, and many more. Our installers are skilled in asphalt shingle installations. We also have experienced installers of flat roofing and roof coating systems. 

Custom Exteriors is your trusted partner for multi-family roof replacement, repair, and maintenance. Regardless of the scale or the system involved, Custom Exteriors is your local multi-family roofing contractor. 

Custom Exteriors' Custom Window installation process

How It Works

Measure and Inspection

After signing the contract, Custom Exteriors' Front Range window replacement team will schedule a date to come to your community and take precise measurements of the windows that need to be replaced. Additionally, they will inspect the area around the windows to ensure there will be no issues at the time of installation. This may be at the time of contract signing and may be at a later date.

Ordering and delivery

Based on the measurements, Custom Exteriors will order the new windows. This process takes several weeks. Once the new windows are manufactured, they will be delivered to our headquarters in Berthoud. Our window team will then work with your community directors and residents to ensure proper communication and minimize community impact.

Remove and Install new windows

Custom Exteriors' skilled installation team will then carefully remove the old windows, and install new windows. Your choice to replace your old windows with energy-efficient windows will give your community an instant boost in curb appeal!

Finishing Touches and inspections

Finishing touches, such as trim or caulking, will be completed after the new window installation is complete. Custom Exteriors will then thouroughly clean up the work area and conduct a final inspection to ensure the windows are installed correctly and functioning properly.

The Front Range's window replacement company

Throughout Custom Exteriors' window installation process, special consideration is given to the factors specific to window replacements in a multi-family community. Every home and homeowner has a unique set of needs. Custom Exteriors recognizes and prioritizes exterior remodeling your way!

Multi-Family Window Contractors

Custom Exteriors is your local partner for multi-family window installations. In an HOA-managed community windows are items that the HOA is responsible for maintaining and replacing due to age. 

Custom Exteriors’ automated systems provide regular updates to the property manager and the HOA board members. Additionally, our amazing customer service team updates residents on installation timelines. We also schedule directly with community members. 

Our team of project managers will ensure the seamless and safe installation of your communities replacement windows and doors. 

We partner with the highest quality manufacturers and will give your community unmatched curb appeal. Call today about new, energy-efficient window replacements. 

The difficult process of HOA-managed community exterior remodel

We Will Help You Every Step Of The Way

Siding replacement on a multi-family community presents many challenges. Custom Exteriors custom installation process addresses each of the unique challenges and creates a seamless process for the community.


material quality

Because the exterior of the community is generally managed and repaired by the HOA, high-quality siding material is imparitive. Custom Exteriors works with reputable commercial siding manufacturers such as Citadel and PAC-CLAD.


Professional installation

Because we have remodeled communities up and down the Front Range, Custom Exteriors has the knowledge and equipment to install the siding correctly and efficiently. 


design & style

The siding’s color and design should be selected to enhance the community’s overall look and feel while maintaining a low-maintenance and high quality design. Custom Exteriors experts will assist with questions regarding design

Multi-Family Siding Contractors

Nothing improves a community’s curb appeal like new siding and a fresh coat of paint. If you are looking for a multi-family siding contractor, look no further than Custom Exteriors. Multi-family siding replacement often requires a unique skill set and additional equipment due to building height and design. 

At Custom Exteriors, this is something we take very seriously. In addition to strict safety measures, we understand the communication required to keep the community safe and satisfied. 

Our customer service team and one of our project managers will coordinate parking for large lift equipment with as little impact on the community as possible. Debris from removal is safely disposed of, leaving the job site clean. We make every effort to disturb the community as little as possible. 

Custom Exteriors has partnered with premier siding manufacturers such as James HardieLP SmartsideDiamond Kote, and more. Many of these products come pre-colored, thus cutting down maintenance even more.

Multi-Family Insurance Specialists

The insurance process is difficult to navigate. At Custom Exteriors, we have a team of qualified and experienced insurance specialists. We will work directly with the HOA board members and your insurance company. As a team, we ensure your community is compensated to restore your property to pre-loss conditions. 

We are experts in the exterior of your property. As such we are able to negotiate effectively with your communities insurance company. Our goal is a fair agreement that puts your community back together. 

At Custom Exteriors, you can find much of the information on insurance claims on our website. We are also happy to sit with HOA board members, property managers, or community members to review the insurance summary and answer any questions. 


Yes, Custom Exteriors prides itself in excellent communication. Our team of customer service representatives will make every effort to keep the entire community apprised of the repair schedule. 

If insurance doesn’t cover repairs, Custom Exteriors provides its customers with flexible financing options. 

Custom Exteriors are insurance specialists. We have working relationships with many local agents and adjusters. We are knowledgeable in the process from start to finish.

Custom Exteriors takes safety seriously. Crews follow standard safety protocols. Additionally, extra consideration is given to ensuring a clean and hazard-free job site. Debris is cleaned regularly, and areas with active construction have restricted access to ensure the community’s safety. 

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