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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Roofing Contractor Questions - Answered By Custom Exteriors, LLC

Roofing experts recommend having your roof repaired or replaced every 25 years. If it’s been 25 years since your roof was replaced, it’s time to engage in some repairs or even a full replacement. However, this isn’t the only warning sign you should have your roof repaired or replaced.

There are multiple ways you can tell if you need roof repairs or replacement. The first way to notice is if your roof noticeably sags. A sagging roof points toward structural damage that can easily lead to leaking. Having a sagging roof investigated is the best way to keep your family safe.

Another way to tell if you should engage in roof repairs or replacement is if you have cracked or missing shingles. Missing and cracked shingles need to be repaired because they can allow water to get into the structure of your roof. This leads to mold, mildew, and other damages. If you’re noticing cracked or missing shingles, it’s time to have a roof inspection done.

Another sign you might need repairs or a roof replacement is if algae and mold have covered your roof. Some algaes and molds break down the structure of your shingles, which can lead to cracking and breakage. If these contaminants can’t be cleaned away, you’ll need to invest in roof repairs or replacement.

The brand you choose from will be part of the deciding factor in what quality of shingling you get. While the brand can matter, there are a lot of deciding factors in the quality of roof you get that have nothing to do with the brand of materials you’re using. Some of these include the skill of the roofing contractor you hire, the warranty placed on your shingling, and roof maintenance plans.

To choose a good roofing material brand for your roof, talk to The premier exterior remodeler on the front range roofing contractor in Front Range. The experts at Custom Exteriors, LLC will help you choose the perfect roofing materials for your home.

Yes! The experts at Custom Exteriors, LLC work with commercial properties for windows, roofing, and more. To learn more about how we can help with your commercial property repair needs, call us today.

Custom Exteriors, LLC offers multiple options for the siding of your home. We provide:

  1. Vinyl Siding
  2. Hardiplank Siding
  3. Steel Siding
  4. LP Smartside Siding
  5. Diamond Kote Siding

Our experts can help you choose between our siding options to ensure you’re getting the best siding for your unique property. To learn more about what option is best for you, call us today and speak to our professionals.

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