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What to expect during your Roof Inspection

get the peace of mind you deserve with a roof inspection

do i need a roof inspection?

If you have experienced any of the following you need a professional roof inspection:


after a severe storm

High winds, hail, and heavy rain can cause significant damage to your roof. You should have a professional roof inspection after any of these events.


before buying or selling

A roof inspection is an essential part of the home-buying or selling process. A roof inspection can identify any issues that need addressing before listing.


If you notice damage

If you see missing or cracked shingles, water stains inside, or other signs of damage, it is time to call a professional for a roof inspection right away.


If your roof is older

Most roofs have a lifespan of 15 to 25 years. As your roof ages, inspection becomes more important to ensure your roof's condition. If your roof is over 10, it's time for a roof inspection.

Why Would I Need a Roof Inspection?

With decades of local roofing experience, Custom Exteriors has realized many property owners aren’t sure when they need a roof inspection. What events trigger the need to have your roof professionally inspected? Professional roof inspections are generally triggered by the following events:

How Often Do I Need a Roof Inspection?

Inspecting your roof once a year is recommended, especially if it is over ten years old. This is also a great time to inspect your gutter system and clean the gutters and the roof of any debris. 

At Custom Exteriors, we offer free roof inspections along the front range. Our experts look at interior and exterior structures to check for mold and mildew, ventilation for your roof, proper insulation, leaking, and more to ensure your roof meets all local and international building codes.

We work with residential roofing, commercial roofing, and multi-family property roofing to ensure you’re getting the specialized skill set for your property. If repairs are needed to extend your roof’s lifespan, our experts also provide roof repairs and roof replacement, so you can get everything done with the same trustworthy roofing contractor.

hail damage roof replacement
roof replacement due to hail damage in northern colorado

What is Your Front Range Roof Inspector Looking For?

The experts at Custom Exteriors, LLC do full interior and exterior roof inspections for your home or business. We follow basic roof inspection guidelines to ensure your home is in the best shape possible.

On the exterior surface of your roof, we’ll do a visual inspection that looks for missing or cracked shingles; split, curled, or blistered shingles; signs of missing caulk; chimney cracks; and shingle overhang at the gutter system. We will check your roof slope and inspect the roof’s flashings and other roof penetrations.  If there is any siding above your shingling, we’ll look for damages to that siding, including cracking, breakage, and signs of age.

This inspection focuses on the surface damage to your roof to see any areas that might cause leaking or weak spots in your roof. We also check your gutter system and downspouts for damages, which can affect your roofing system.

What should I expect during my roof inspection?

At Custom Exteriors, we take communication seriously. When property owners enter the roof replacement process with the knowledge of the process, they can set expectations accordingly. 

When you know what to expect, every process step becomes more manageable. Our team of certified roofing inspectors is equipped with the training and experience to locate any damage your home may have sustained. 

They will begin with thoroughly inspecting your property, including the inside if there are any water leaks. Damage to your roof, siding, windows, and everything else will be documented with photos and videos to submit to your insurance company to substantiate the damages found. 

You should anticipate noise as the inspector makes their way on and around your home. 

If you are due for a roof inspection or notice any signs of damage, call a professional roof inspector to schedule a roof inspection. It’s a small investment that can save you much money in the long run. 

Do you already have a roof inspection scheduled? When you schedule a roof inspection with Custom Exteriors, we will inform you of every step of the process. We take pride in our custom processes and our ability to equip our customers with the knowledge they need to make informed decisions regarding their roof replacement process. So, what can you expect during a roof inspection with Custom Exteriors? Find out more!

What to expect during a roof inspection
roof inspection due to hail damage
roof pitch gauge on roof inspection

Roof Inspection

We’ll do another round of roof inspection to check for hidden damages, such as popped nails; loose or exposed nails; damaged, missing, or corroded flashings; and broken seals. Once we’ve done a thorough inspection of the exterior surface of your roof, we start on the interior inspection. The interior of your roof is likely in your attic. With the interior inspection, we search for:

These damages can be both surface damages and structural damage, which is why it’s important to hire a professional roofing contractor for your roof inspection appointment. If we notice structural damage to your roof, this may lead to a roof replacement instead of a roof repair.

If that’s the case, our experts will help walk you through the roofing process so you can feel confident you’re getting the repairs you need. To learn more about how our experts can help with your free roofing inspection, call us today and set up an appointment.

The roof inspection process

Triggering Event Occurs

While it is recommended that your roof be inspected annually, anything such as any severe weather event or purchase or sale of the property. At the first indication of any damage, a local roofing contractor should be contacted. They will preform a thorough inspection of your property for related damage.

Find A Roofing Contractor

Roofing companies will be at your door. Do you want to trust one of your largest assets to someone who knocks on your door? Do research on local roofing contractors. What do their online reviews say? What does their BBB profile look like? Are they licensed in your area and insured to complete roof replacements?

Schedule & Complete roof inspections

Roofing comanies will be busy after a local storm. As soon as you have done the research, schedule and complete your roof inspection. The longer you wait, the more people have already scheduled and completed theirs and begun the process of returning your property to pre-storm conditions. 

Review your inspection findings

Once the roof inspection is complete, your roofing contractor will review their findings with you. They will go over any damage found on shingles, flashing, gutters, roof vents, and other outdoor items such as windows, siding, and personal exterior belongings. They may provide an estimate for repairs at this time. 

Custom Exteriors Custom Inspection Process

At Custom Exteriors, we want to be your trusted roofing company. We have decades of local roofing experience, and have helped homeowenrs up and down the Front Range. Our custom inspection process includes the following:

What is a HAAG Certified roofing inspector?

Do i need to use a HAAG Certified roofing inspector when getting my roof inspected?

HAAG Certification is a rigorous training program that certifies roofing inspectors to assess roof damage and provide detailed reports accurately. When getting a roof replacement, it’s essential to use a HAAG Certified Inspector because they have specialized knowledge and training to ensure the job is done correctly. 



HAAG Certification requires inspectors to be trained in the most advanced techniques and technologies for assessing roof damage. This means that they can accurately identify any issues with your roof and provide a detailed report of the damage. 


HAAG Certified Inspectors have undergone extensive training and have years of experience in the industry. You can trust them to provide accurate assessments and make informed recommendations based on their expertise. 

Quality control

HAAG Certification requires inspectors to adhere to strict quality control guidelines. This ensures they provide consistent, high-quality assessments, no matter the complexity of the job. Expect them to be professional and knowledgeable. 

Piece of mind

Finally, using a HAAG Certified Roofing Inspector for your roof replacement provides peace of mind. You can trust that your roof will be assessed accurately and that the work will be done correctly, ensuring the safety and protection of your home.

Is It Time For A Roof Inspection?

When you do a visual inspection of your roof, you will want to check for signs of roof decay, especially underneath any moss or fungi you see. Look for signs of damage from weather or specifically any indications of storm damage, such as water stains or signs of leaks, broken shingles or loose shingles, missing and deformed shingles, any cracks around venting, or problems with your chimney cap should be noted. Signs of wear should be addressed no matter how small they may seem.
Roof inspections should occur at least once a year. Fall is a preferred time to do so seeing as weather is mild and it follows hail season, so you can check that no damage has been done. Regular roof maintenance is an assured way to keep your roof in check and stay on top of any signs of damage or signs of wear before they get worse.
When you allow your trusted local roofing company to complete an inspection, your roof inspector will provide a detailed report. In the case of wind storm damage or hail damage, this report will be good to show your insurance company in the case that an insurance claim will need to be made addressing the damages left after a storm. Regular roof inspections and roof maintenance also give you the benefit of being able to catch any problems before they become severe enough to warrant a new roof. This can save you money in the long run and help prevent needing entire roof replacements.
The ultimate goal of a roof inspection is to check the overall integrity of the structural elements of your roof and how well it is continuing to hold up. Qualified roof inspections will check your roofing material and check for indications that there is a need for roof repair or roof replacement. They will check for water damage, roof leaks, clogged gutters, and more. This helps find problems/damage before they get out of hand and will help save money down the road.
Inspection is done by careful checking and detailed reports on all aspects of the roof, taking note of anything that looks damaged. Roofing professionals will take a look from the ground as well as the rooftop itself just to be sure of all problems.
Yes. Look for obvious problems that would indicate incorrect installation. Then, check for insidious damage that may not be as apparent.
Shingles with any kind of obvious damage, such as cracks, breaks, or completely missing shingles. Also check the flashing for any cracks or damage. Any of these can indicate damage.
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