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Hailstones can form when raindrops become frozen due to certain weather conditions, and have the potential to cause significant damage to your roof. If you have been affected by damage from hail in Berthoud, CO, Colorado Springs or Cheyenne, WY, then you can count on the team at Custom Exteriors. As your local trusted hail damage experts, we provide a comprehensive range of services designed to add value to your home. From initial inspections to our high quality hail damage roof repair, we are committed to providing exceptional service at every step of the process.
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How Does Hail Damage Repair Near Me Work?

If hail has damaged your roof, then you could be facing severe leaks that can cause substantial damage. In Cheyenne, WY, Berthoud, CO and Colorado Springs, CO, the team members at Custom Exteriors are your local hail damage specialists. We first perform a thorough evaluation of the extent of the damage, and provide exceptional workmanship when it comes to repairs. Our goal is to have your roof looking and functioning better than it was before it was damaged.


Hail damage can cause serious issues with your roofing. Many factors determine what issues you might face. Wind speed and wind direction, the material used for your roofing, and size and thickness of hail can all play a role in whatever damage you may find.
Hail damage won’t always be as obvious as seeing surface imperfections such as baseball sized hail dents in your roof after a bad storm. Though dent repair is common after a bad storm, all types of roofing material will show unspecified damage consisting of no particular pattern of hail strikes. You may also see impact marks in conjunction with splits in the roofing, especially on wooden shingles.
One inch hail or larger is usually the culprit in this type of harm to a roof.
If hail has fallen on your property, you should definitely have your roof inspected for damages. In fact, some damage does not show up right after a hailstorm. Professionals are better able to see these areas. It’s also good to have this type of proof for your home insurance company in the case that an insurance claim for hail damage is needed.
The entire roof replacement could be anywhere from $5000 to $20,000. If only sections of the roof are damaged, you’re looking at $400 to $700 for every 100 square feet.
In more severe hail damage cases, frozen ice hitting your roofing material will often cause roof damage, making holes through which water can leak.
Preventative measures for making sure your roof is in good shape include regular roof inspections (especially after hail season), repairing problems when needed, and replacing the roof when necessary.

Yes. Your homeowner’s insurance company will provide comprehensive coverage for hail damage as well as other roof damage such as dent repair.

customexteriorsllc.com is a professional roofing contractor located in Berthoud, Colorado.

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Hail is a serious concern, and if your roof has been damaged by hail in Cheyenne, WY, Colorado Springs, CO or Berthoud, CO, it is time to call your experts at Custom Exteriors. To find out more, call today at (800) 580-0131.

Your Commercial Roofing Questions Answered

Our customers can expect new commercial roofing to be installed and completed by a competent roofing company during a time span of 5 days to 4 weeks.
A commercial roof system that is done properly can last between 15 and 25 years depending on materials used.
Your business needs a new roof if during roof inspection you notice a sagging roof, missing roofing materials, evidence of water leakage, water damage or moisture, bacterial growth such as mold, and/or severely clogged gutters.
It is estimated that a crew of professional, experienced commercial roofing contractors can take anywhere from two to four weeks to replace a commercial roof.
Commercial roofing types include Shingle roofing, metal roofing, spray on silicone roofing, Thermoset EPDM Membrane roofing, green roofing, Built Up Roofing membrane, and Thermoplastic PVC and TPO.
Though there are many types of roofs for commercial buildings, we have a list of comprehensive services to fit any need. Our experts offer all systems, and we work with you to determine what best fits your situation. No matter the type of roof or size or square foot, our commercial roofing service building professionals promise to make sure your roof investment is cost effective, high quality, and long lasting.
A commercial roof is good for 15 to 25 years depending on materials used.

The most common commercial roofing material is EPDM roofing as well as metal roofing.

customexteriorsllc.com is a professional roofing contractor located in Berthoud, Colorado.

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