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Hail Damage Repair For Your Property

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Custom Exteriors:
Your hail damage repair specialists

At Custom Exteriors, we are more than just a trusted roofing company. We are also your preferred partners in safeguarding your Colorado home. As a proud Colorado-based business, we understand Colorado homeowners’ unique challenges. This is especially true when it comes to hail damage. So, one thing is clear whether you reside in Northern Colorado, Boulder, Denver, or anywhere else in our beautiful state. Our mission is to provide you with top-tier roofing services. HAAG-certified roofing inspectors and unmatched experience with roofing insurance claim back these services. 

What should you consider when choosing a roofing contractor to repair your hail damage?

1. HAAG-Certified Inspectors:

Our team has HAAG-certified roofing inspectors with unmatched roofing expertise. So, we have the knowledge and skills to assess hail damage. In doing so, we ensure that every inch of your roof receives the attention it deserves. With us, you can trust your roof is in the hands of true professionals. 

2. Hail Damage repair specialists:

Hail damage can be devastating. It can also leave your roof vulnerable to leaks and structural issues. At Custom Exteriors, we specialize in hail damage repair. Because of this, we aim to restore your roof to its best condition, not just fix the visible damage. This, in turn, ensures your roof’s long-term durability. 

3. Insurance Claims Experts:

Navigating insurance claims can be a difficult task. That’s where we come in. Our team is well-versed in insurance claims related to hail damage. We’ll work closely with your insurance provider to streamline the process. By maximizing your coverage, you can then focus on what matters most – your peace of mind. 

Hail damage repair in Colorado

Why Choose Custom Exteriors For Comprehensive Hail Damage Restoration


When hail strikes, it doesn’t limit damage to just your roof. It can affect your entire home. This can include windows, siding, paint, and gutters. Custom Exteriors is uniquely equipped to handle all these aspects under one roof. We have skilled professionals who specialize in each of these areas. So, this ensures a holistic approach to your hail damage repairs. 


Dealing with multiple contractors for all of the aspects of hail damage repair can be time-consuming and costly. However, with Custom Exteriors, you’ll save time and money by streamlining the process. We coordinate all the necessary services. This reduces the hassle of dealing with multiple contractors as well. 


Our commitment to excellence extends to all the services we offer. So, whether it’s roofing, window replacement, siding repair, painting, or gutter installation, you can expect the same quality and attention to detail. We use premium materials and industry best practices. This ensures lasting results across the board. 

roofing professionals

Custom Exteriors is staffed by a team of experienced professionals. They take pride in their work on your property. But, our experts are not only skilled in their respective fields but also share our commitment to customer satisfaction.  We prioritize your needs, ensuring that your home is restored to its pre-storm condition. 

Coordinating multiple contractors can often lead to communication breakdowns. But, with Custom Exteriors, you have a single point of contact throughout the project. Our dedicated project managers ensure that you stay informed at every step. In doing this, we hope to provide peace of mind and clarity. 

We stand behind our work with comprehensive warranties for all our services. Our commitment to your satisfaction doesn’t end when the project is completed, though. We’re here to address any concerns and provide ongoing support. This ensures the longevity of our work. 

Navigating insurance roof replacement claims made easy

Dealing with insurance claims for roof replacement can be a confusing process. At Custom Exteriors, we understand the complexities of filing a roof replacement claim. This is especially true when hail damage is involved. But, our expertise in this area allows us to simplify the process and ensure you get the compensation you deserve.  

How Custom Exteriors Can Help:

1. Expert Evaluation:

Our HAAG-certified roofing inspectors are skilled in identifying hail damage. We conduct a thorough inspection to ensure all damage is documented correctly. Thus increasing the chances of a successful claim. 

2. Insurance Liaison:

Custom Exteriors serves as a bridge between you and your insurance company. We communicated directly with your provider, advocating for your interests. This ensures that your claim is processed promptly. 

3. Accurate Estimates:

We provide accurate estimates for the cost of repairs or roof replacement. Our transparency ensures that your insurance company has a clear understanding of the necessary work. 

4. Maximizing Coverage:

It is our goal is to help you maximize your insurance coverage. This will ensure that you receive the compensation you are entitled to. We know the ins and outs of insurance policies. Then you don’t have to. 

5. Documentation Assistance:

We assist you in gathering all the necessary documentation. This includes photos and reports to support your claim. It also reduces the risk of claim denials due to incomplete information. 

Your Advocate Though The Entire Process

Custom Exteriors is not just a roofing company; we’re a roofing partner. We are your partner in ensuring a hassle-free experience with your insurance roof replacement claim. Every homeowner deserves a fair resolution for hail damage. So, we are here to make that happen. Experience the Custom Exteriors difference today. 

The State of Colorado provides more information about steps to take in the aftermath of a hail storm.

Custom Exteriors Residential & Commercial Services:

The Benefits of Class 4 Shingles: A Smart Investment for your home

class 4 shingles are durable

Class 4 shingles are designed to withstand the harshest weather conditions. This can include hailstorms, heavy rain, wind, and even impact from debris. This durability ensures that your roof remains intact. In turn, it provides long-lasting protection for your home. 

class 4 shingles are hail resistant

Living in Colorado, you are no stranger to hail. However, Class 4 shingles have a proven record of resisting hail damage. They offer superior impact resistance. This, in turn, helps to reduce the need for frequent repairs and replacements after severe storms. 

class 4 shingles require less maintenance and replacements

With Class 4 shingles, you’ll spend less time and money on roofing maintenance. This is because their strong construction creates a resistance to wear and tear. This can lead to fewer repairs and a longer lifespan for your roof. 

class 4 shingles increase the value of your home

Investing in Class 4 shingles protects your home and can even increase its value. These high-quality shingles are a selling point for potential buyers. Because of this, your property stands out in the real estate market. 

Many insurance companies recognize the increased durability of Class 4 shingles. Because of this, they may offer discounts on your homeowners’ insurance. This can then lead to savings over the years. 

class 4 shingles have to be replaced less thus making them eco friendly

Class 4 shingles are often made of sustainable materials. They can also be recycled at the end of their life cycle. Because of this, they reduce their impact. 

To Learn More About The Premier Hail Damage Siding Repair Contractor In Northern Colorado

How Does Hail Damage Repair Near Me Work?

If hail has damaged your roof, you could face severe leaks. Additionally, leaks left unrepaired can cause damage.

In Cheyenne, WY, Northern Colorado, and Colorado Springs, CO, the team members at Custom Exteriors are your local hail damage experts. 

First, we will inspect to check the damage’s extent. If damage is discovered, we will then provide high-quality workmanship to repair it. 

We aim to have your roof looking and functioning better than before it was damaged.

Hail damage repair near me


Hail damage can cause serious issues with your roofing. Many factors determine what issues you might face. Wind speed and wind direction, the material used for your roofing, and size and thickness of hail can all play a role in whatever damage you may find.

Hail damage won’t always be as obvious as seeing surface imperfections such as baseball-sized hail dents in your roof after a bad storm.

Though dent repair is common after a bad storm, all types of roofing material will show unspecified damage consisting of no particular pattern of hail strikes. You may also see impact marks in conjunction with splits in the roofing, especially on wooden shingles.

One inch hail or larger is usually the culprit in this type of harm to a roof.

If hail has fallen on your property, you should definitely have your roof inspected for damages. In fact, some damage does not show up right after a hailstorm.

Professionals are better able to see these areas. It’s also good to have this type of proof for your home insurance company in the case that an insurance claim for hail damage is needed.

The entire roof replacement could be anywhere from $5000 to $20,000. If only sections of the roof are damaged, you’re looking at $400 to $700 for every 100 square feet.
In more severe hail damage cases, frozen ice hitting your roofing material will often cause roof damage, making holes through which water can leak.
Preventative measures for making sure your roof is in good shape include regular roof inspections (especially after hail season), repairing problems when needed, and replacing the roof when necessary.

Yes. Your homeowner’s insurance company will provide comprehensive coverage for hail damage as well as other roof damage, such as dent repair.

customexteriorsllc.com is a professional roofing contractor located in Berthoud, Colorado.

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