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Our Evergreen roofing services:

Synthetic shingle roof replacement increasing fire resistance in our Colorado mountains towns like Evergreen, skilled residential exterior services by Custom Exteriors

Evergreen's choice in roofing contractors

At Custom Exteriors, we understand that a durable, well-designed roof is not just necessary – it’s peace of mind for your business. As a leading roofing contractor in Evergreen, we specialize in providing top-tier roofing solutions that blend longevity with curb appeal and fire resistance. So, whether you need a new installation, roof maintenance, or repair services, our skilled team is dedicated to ensuring your roofing project is seamless and stress-free. 

With years of expertise serving the community, our licensed professional roofers have the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship. Our roofing consultants will personalize a solution to your unique residential, multi-family, or commercial roofing needs. We use high-quality materials designed to withstand the unique weather patterns in the foothills of Colorado. Our team is also knowledgeable when it comes to fire-resistant exterior construction. We have many roofing and siding options to protect your home from Colorado’s dangerous wildfires. A new roof from Custom Exteriors will stand firm through all the challenges our local weather presents. 

Our comprehensive suite of roofing services includes:

We bring the same dedication and precision from residential homes to commercial properties. Our commitment to excellence has made us the go-to Evergreen roofing contractor, and our portfolio of successful projects speaks for itself. Our 5-star Google rating and A+ BBB rating are a testament to our commitment to quality.  Contact us today for a free consultation and experience the Custom Exteriors difference firsthand. 

What to consider before replacing your roof in evergreen

When replacing a roof in Evergreen it is important to consider Evergreen's unique climate and the impact the weather could have on the roof.

Climate Suitability:

Evergreen experiences a mix of weather conditions, including heavy snowfall, hailstorms, and intense sun. The team at Custom Exteriors will help you choose a roofing material and design best suited to withstand these elements, including the weight of heavy snow, hail resistance, and UV radiation blocking.

When replacing a roof in Evergreen it is important when choosing a local roofing contractor to make sure they are licensed and aware of local building codes

Local Building Codes:

One advantage to using a local roofing company is ensuring they are familiar with the building codes in Evergreen and that your project adheres to them. Jefferson County will oversee your roof replacement and ensure it meets all local building and fire codes.

When replacing a roof in Evergreen it is important to assess the aesthetic of your neighborhood

Curb Appeal & Design:

Your new roof should complement your home’s architectural style. Evergreen has a wide variety of architectural styles, and choosing the perfect match for yours is what the Custom Exteriors roofing team does. Given the area’s natural beauty, many prioritize eco-friendly options that blend well with the area.  

When replacing a roof in Evergreen it is important to consider fire-resistant replacement items

Wildfire Resistance:

In Colorado, the risk of wildfires is a severe concern.  Class A fire-rated materials can offer the highest fire resistance against wildfires. Custom Exteriors understands that every second counts when fighting fires and works to design each roof replacement to be as resistant to fire as possible

Pro Roofing Contractor Serving Evergreen Colorado

Your Evergreen Roofing Contractor

Custom Exteriors, where we value knowledge and customer service. Combined, we are then able to offer complete exterior solutions. This solution extends beyond just roofing. As the premier roofing contractor in Evergreen, we take pride in being your go-to choice. Yet, we offer much more – trusted windows, siding, and gutters services.

Quality installation is our commitment. Top-notch customer service defines us. Because of this, our expertise allows us to refresh your home’s exterior, thus adding value and charm.

At Custom Exteriors, you are the center of our focus. Because of this, your vision leads the way. It also ensures tailored solutions. We can provide unmatched service because we customize our exterior solutions to your home. We also strive to maintain transparent communication from the initial chat to the project’s end.

Your home is in Colorado’s breathtaking mountains. So, our unique understanding of mountain property’s exterior needs sets us apart. We are qualified to complete an extensive array of projects. From residential and commercial roofs to replacement windows, our experts shine. We also specialize in siding and painting projects across the Rockies. It is our experience that helps us to offer informed solutions. We specialize in synthetic shake shingle installations. In addition to this, we offer fire-resistant exterior replacements and specialty products. Because of our vast offerings, we can then cater to your Evergreen home’s needs. Let Custom Exteriors show you the possibilities.

Evergreen roofing contractor installs new synthetic shake shingle roof

When you replace your roof with Custom Exteriors, you can expect:

Clear Communication

Custom Exteriors is not satisfied until you are. Our team is responsive and professional, willing to work with you to meet your roofing needs.

Experience & Expertise:

When Custom Exteriors replaces your roof, you tap into decades of knowledge and experience. This is reflected in our portfolio of jobs and our online and local reputation.

Industry leading warranty:

Custom Exteriors provides an industry-leading workmanship and material warranty on every roof we install. Knowing their new roof is protected gives our customers peace of mind.

Full-Service inspections:

We are also a full-service exterior remodeling company. In addition to the thorough roof inspection, our HAAG-certified inspectors can inspect windows, siding, drainage, and more.
"Custom Exteriors were chosen by our condo association to replace over 16 roofs in our complex. Not an easy task. These guys are quite simply impressive. Not only is their work exception, but the timing, professionalism, communication and work is superior. This is a hard-working crew. They have moved seamlessly from building to building. Their job site is clean and organized. I would highly recommend them for any roofing project.
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Alison F
Custom Exteriors Roofing Customer

Replacing your roof on your Evergreen short-term rental property

The beauty in Evergreen is unmatched. As such, it makes an excellent location for a short-term rental property. The area is beautiful, and just outside everything, there is to do in the Denver Metro area!

Fortunately, Custom Exteriors is skilled in roof replacement. Our recent mountain projects have included single-family and multi-family roofs. Additionally, we have completed multi-family and single-family entire window and total siding replacements locally. So, we understand the coordination needed to complete these types of projects. We can do this with little disruption to the community and guests. 

We prioritize the safety of our installers and everyone in the community. Additionally, we are mindful of noise and debris. We also maintain top-notch communication. Custom Exteriors is Evergreen’s trusted roofing contractor. 

Shake Shingles?

Shake shingles are generally not allowed for new roofing installations in the mountains of Colorado. Often, building codes require that new roofs be Class A fire rated. So this means they must meet specific fire resistance standards. Shake shingles are made from wood. As such, they typically do not meet these standards. 

Knowledge like this is why using a local, qualified roofing contractor is essential. Custom Exteriors has completed many roofs in our Colorado mountains. Because of this, we are familiar with local codes and jurisdictions. We also offer great alternatives to less fire-resistant, natural roofing systems. Custom Exteriors regularly installs synthetic, fire-resistant alternatives to shake, slate, and even siding options! 

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