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Welcome to Custom Exteriors! Residents of Evergreen, Colorado, trust us for top-notch roofing solutions. Thus, our reputation shines in the communities we work in. This is because we are built on quality. We also focus on professionalism and expertise. So, we’re the go-to roofing contractor in Evergreen. We approach every job with the same high standards. By doing so, we ensure your home stands strong against the elements while displaying its charm.

But wait, there’s more! Custom Exteriors isn’t just about roofing. We’re also your first stop for all your exterior needs. So, think windows framing mountain views or siding blending beautifully. We also offer paint services and all-important gutters. Our team of experts can handle it all. Because of this, we can help increase your home’s value. At the same time, we are also improving its looks and function.

With us, your home’s exterior vision becomes a reality. So trust the pros at Custom Exteriors for Evergreen’s finest.

Pro Roofing Contractor Serving Evergreen Colorado

Your Evergreen Roofing Contractor

Custom Exteriors, where we value knowledge and customer service. Combined, we are then able to offer complete exterior solutions. This solution extends beyond just roofing. As the premier roofing contractor in Evergreen, we take pride in being your go-to choice. Yet, we offer much more – trusted windows, siding, and gutters services.

Quality installation is our commitment. Top-notch customer service defines us. Because of this, our expertise allows us to refresh your home’s exterior, thus adding value and charm.

At Custom Exteriors, you are the center of our focus. Because of this, your vision leads the way. It also ensures tailored solutions. We can provide unmatched service because we customize our exterior solutions to your home. We also strive to maintain transparent communication from the initial chat to the project’s end.

Your home is in Colorado’s breathtaking mountains. So, our unique understanding of mountain property’s exterior needs sets us apart. We are qualified to complete an extensive array of projects. From residential and commercial roofs to replacement windows, our experts shine. We also specialize in siding and painting projects across the Rockies. It is our experience that helps us to offer informed solutions. We specialize in synthetic shake shingle installations. In addition to this, we offer fire-resistant exterior replacements and specialty products. Because of our vast offerings, we can then cater to your Evergreen home’s needs. Let Custom Exteriors show you the possibilities.

Evergreen roofing contractor installs new synthetic shake shingle roof

Empower yourself with knowledge for a better home

The process is easy! We really can't say it enough. As Evergreen's roofing company, we believe in helping the community gain the knowledge they need about their biggest asset.

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one small choice with a significant impact

choosing the right roofing company matters



Take time to research potential roofing contractors in your area. Then look for contractors with a good reputation. Also, search for positive reviews. Consider contractors with experience working on roofs like yours. You should also check their licensing. Additionally, ask for references from their past work. Lastly, request copies of their insurance protection. So research is an essential first step.



Communication is important when working with a roofing company in Evergreen. Because of this, make sure they are willing to listen to your concerns. They should also answer your questions. Additionally, they should provide a clear and detailed estimate. A good contractor will be responsive and professional. Furthermore, they should be willing to work with you to meet your needs.



Before hiring a roofing company, ensure you understand the contract terms. Another important aspect to consider is the warranty. The contract should outline the scope of work. It should also state the materials proposed clearly. A timeline and accurate pricing should also be laid out. Take the time to understand the payment schedule. Lastly, ensure the warranty covers their workmanship and materials.

Replacing your roof on your Evergreen short-term rental property

The beauty in Evergreen is unmatched. As such, it makes an excellent location for a short-term rental property. The area is beautiful, and just outside everything, there is to do in the Denver Metro area!

Fortunately, Custom Exteriors is skilled in roof replacement. Our recent mountain projects have included single-family and multi-family roofs. Additionally, we have completed multi-family and single-family entire window and total siding replacements locally. So, we understand the coordination needed to complete these types of projects. We can do this with little disruption to the community and guests. 

It is important to schedule at the least busy time of the year. Typically, this is preferred for a roofing contractor. We can’t complete your roof, siding, or windows in peak season anyway!

We prioritize the safety of our installers and everyone in the community. Additionally, we are mindful of noise and debris. We also maintain top-notch communication. Custom Exteriors is Evergreens trusted roofing contractor. 

Shake Shingles?

Shake shingles are generally not allowed for new roofing installations in the mountains of Colorado. Often, building codes require that new roofs be Class A fire rated. So this means they must meet specific fire resistance standards. Shake shingles are made from wood. As such, they typically do not meet these standards. 

Knowledge like this is why using a local, qualified roofing contractor is essential. Custom Exteriors has completed many roofs in our Colorado mountains. Because of this, we are familiar with local codes and jurisdictions. We also offer great alternatives to less fire-resistant, natural roofing systems. Custom Exteriors regularly installs synthetic, fire-resistant alternatives to shake, slate, and even siding options! 

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