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It's Roof Delivery Day! What Should I Expect?

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The day you’ve been waiting for has arrived – your new roof is on its way! But what does the roofing material delivery process involve? This step is an important part of your roof replacement project. It ensures all the essentials reach your doorstep for a successful installation. Let’s dive into what you can anticipate during this critical phase.

The roof delivery process involves bringing all the necessary materials to your property. This includes shingles, underlayment, flashing, and other accessories crucial for the roof installation. Each item is vital in creating a sturdy and dependable roofing system.

While we strive to make the process seamless, minor inconveniences might arise. However, any hiccups can be managed effectively with careful planning, open communication with your roofing contractor, and a clear understanding of what to expect.

Proper planning is critical. So, before the delivery day, ensure you’ve discussed the logistics with your roofing contractor. This includes confirming the delivery date and verifying the quantity of materials. It also includes designating a suitable drop-off location on your property.

At Custom Exteriors, we understand the significance of a smooth roof delivery process. When you partner with us, you can expect a well-coordinated and organized delivery that aligns with your project timeline.

What to expect when you are expecting

Your Roof Delivery

The day your new roof is being delivered is exciting! You are one step closer to completing a major home improvement project. A few things to keep in mind during the process are:

The roof material delivery day is an essential part of the roofing project. Understanding what to expect during this phase can help you prepare accordingly and ensure the delivery is smooth and hassle-free.

Roof Deliveries Are Quick

Your roof’s transformation journey begins with material delivery – a process that’s quick, efficient, and designed to fit your schedule. While you’re more than welcome to observe, your presence isn’t mandatory. Let’s delve into what a typical material delivery entails, and how understanding minor inconveniences and setting realistic expectations can ensure a hassle-free experience.

As your roofing materials arrive, take a moment to appreciate the progress being made toward your new roof. While the delivery may introduce a brief pause in your day, it’s a significant step forward in achieving your dream home.

With a well-informed approach, a touch of patience, and the assurance that your roof replacement is in capable hands, the delivery day becomes an exciting chapter in your roofing adventure. At Custom Exteriors, we’re here to ensure that every phase of your journey is met with professionalism and dedication.

Roofing Material Delivery

It’s the delivery day! After completing the process of roof inspections and roofing material selections, your shingles are being delivered today! So we understand why you are excited, but we want you to understand it comes with a few inconveniences you should be aware of. These include:

  1.  Noise: First and foremost, the delivery trucks and equipment can be noisy. You may also hear the sounds of hammers, saws, or other equipment, which can be loud. 
  2.  Access: Another consideration is the loss of access you may experience while delivering shingles. The delivery truck is large and can block access points to your home, like your garage, during delivery
  3.  Storage: Furthermore, shingles take up a lot of space. So, if they are not loaded onto your roof, a significant area must be designated for storage until installed. 
  4.  Safety: Most importantly, shingles can be heavy and difficult to move. So, being aware of your surroundings while delivery occurs is imperative. Heavy equipment and large delivery vehicles are other factors in keeping everyone on site safe!

Other inconveniences include debris from delivery and trucks and vehicles requesting access to your driveway for a roof load delivery. Overall, it is essential to plan carefully the delivery of shingles to minimize inconveniences. Doing this ensures a smooth and efficient process. 

Roof replacement

Plan Ahead for Roof Material Delivery

Partnering with a skilled roofing contractor offers you many benefits. These should include a well-orchestrated material delivery process. Let’s explore how teaming up with the experts ensures a seamless experience on your delivery day.

You tap into their expertise when you work alongside a qualified roofing contractor. They’re your resource for all things roofing, including material delivery logistics. They’ll provide you with valuable insights into what to anticipate. By doing so, they ensure you’re well-prepared. Your roofing contractor becomes your strategic ally in planning. They’ll coordinate with you to determine the best delivery time, location, and other essentials. This proactive approach eliminates guesswork and ensures a smooth handoff of roofing materials. 

Your roofing contractor outlines what to expect, from arrival times to unloading procedures. This knowledge equips you to face the day with confidence. Sometimes, a little flexibility goes a long way. Your roofing contractor can also help make any necessary adjustments. They can help accommodate the delivery process. These concessions might include minor scheduling changes or designating a specific area for unloading.

Open communication is the backbone of successful material delivery. Your roofing contractor should have a clear communication line. This is just to keep you updated and informed throughout the process. This makes sure that any potential hiccups are taken care of promptly.

While no process is entirely free of hitches, the guidance of your roofing contractor guarantees a streamlined delivery day. Proper planning, along with the expertise of your contractor, minimizes inconveniences and maximizes efficiency.

At Custom Exteriors, we’re dedicated to delivering quality roofing solutions and ensuring that every step of your project journey is a smooth and hassle-free experience. When you work with us, you choose a partner who prioritizes your peace of mind from the initial planning to the final nail.

Did you know?
On the day of delivery, it's essential to have your driveway clear of vehicles and debris. This will then allow the delivery vehicle to use your driveway as an access point to load your shingles on your roof for your roof replacement.

Your Shingle Delivery Isn't a Countdown!

The delivery timeline depends largely on supply chain availability, delivery vehicle schedule, staffing, and property location. Accordingly, Custom Exteriors does our best to give you the most accurate timeline possible, but we ask that you consider factors out of our control.

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asphalt shingle delivery

Custom Exteriors

Custom Exteriors Payment Timeline

The process for a payment schedule when Custom Exteriors is completing a roof replacement on your property is similar whether you have an insurance claim or are paying out of pocket. 

Regardless, your deductible is due at contract signing, and you have likely already paid it if you are here on this page. The following payment is due upon delivery of your roofing materials. Once the materials are delivered to your property, and you have taken possession of them, payment totaling 50% of the job total is due. If you have an insurance claim, you have likely collected a depreciation check from your insurer. These funds will probably cover this 50% payment. 

The remaining payment is due upon completion of the project by trade. What this means is that if Custom Exteriors is completing windows or any other project, payment in full is due upon completion of each trade. However, if you have an insurance claim, we will never ask you to pay in advance of receiving reimbursement from your insurance company. 

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