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LP SmartSide Siding Styles: Lap, Panel, and Shake:
Which one is right for you?

Are you considering giving your home a fresh, new look with LP SmartSide siding? That’s a fantastic choice! LP SmartSide is a durable and versatile siding option that can transform the appearance of your home. But hold on a moment – before you get started on this exciting project, you’ve got another important decision to make: Which LP SmartSide siding style is the perfect fit for your home? 

LP SmartSide offers three distinct siding styles: lap siding, panel siding, and cedar shake style siding. Each style brings its own unique charm and functionality to the table. We understand that choosing the right one can be a bit overwhelming, especially if you’re not an expert in exterior remodeling. 

But don’t worry! In this article, we’ll discuss where each style shines and where it might not be the best fit. We’ll also explore which architectural designs pair seamlessly with each siding style. Plus, we’ll throw in some valuable cost considerations and insider tips from our experienced team, who have installed LP SmartSide on countless homes. 

By the time you finish reading, you’ll clearly understand which LP SmartSide siding style will make your home look its best, and you’ll be one step closer to achieving your dream exterior makeover. We will cover: 

So, let’s get started on your journey to a more beautiful and durable home with LP SmartSide siding!

Common Features of LP SmartSide siding style

All three LP SmartSide siding styles – lap siding, panel siding, and cedar shake style siding – share several key features, including energy efficiency and flexibility, that make them a top choice for homeowners seeking durable and attractive siding options. Here’s what you can expect from any LP SmartSide style:

1. Exceptional Warranty Protection:

When you choose LP SmartSide, you’re investing in long-lasting quality. LP offers a 50-year prorated warranty against a range of issues, including damage from insects, hail up to 1.75 inches in diameter, and problems like buckling, cracking, and peeling. Should you ever need to inquire about the warranty or need assistance, you can reach LP’s warranty information hotline at 1(800)450-6106 during their operating hours, Monday to Friday, from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm EST.

2. LP's ExpertFinish Prefinished Colors:

LP SmartSide siding tyles come in LP’s ExpertFinish prefinished colors, offering you a selection of 16 stunning shades to choose from. This means you can enjoy a beautifully finished look for your home without the hassle of additional painting or finishing work. 

3. Sustainability:

LP, the manufacturer behind LP SmartSide, takes environmental responsibility seriously. In fact, in the 2022 Brand Index, LP was recognized as Green Builder Media’s Most Sustainable Siding Supplier. By choosing LP SmartSide, you’re not only enhancing your home’s appearance but also contributing to a more sustainable future. 

4. Engineered Wood Durability:

One of the most significant advantages of LP SmartSide siding is that it’s crafted from engineered wood, which has been proven to be one of the most durable siding materials on the market. Engineered wood’s remarkable durability is achieved through LP’s proprietary SmartGuard manufacturing process: 

How engineered wood prevents damage:

The secret to LP SmartSide Trim & Siding’s remarkable durability is LP’s proprietary SmartGuard manufacturing process. It ensures that every strand of wood is treated with a carefully formulated mix of resins, waxes, and zinc borate and finished with an overlay to offer complete protection against hail, moisture, termites, and fungal decay. 

If you have already chosen to work with an LP SmartSide product, you’re likely aware of these impressive features. They ensure your siding will look great and stand the test of time. Now, let’s delve into the unique characteristics of each LP SmartSide siding style to help you make an informed decision for your home. 

LP SmartSide Lap Siding: Classic Elegance with easy installation

Lap siding, also known as clapboard or bevel siding, is a type of exterior cladding material commonly used on residential and commercial buildings. It is characterized by long, horizontal boards that are installed in overlapping rows, creating a distinctive and timeless look for the exterior of your home. If you’re leaning towards a timeless and elegant look for your home, LP SmartSide Lap Siding might be the perfect choice for you. Here’s why:

LP SmartSide installation by Custom Exteriors

Seamless Beauty:

LP SmartSide Lap Siding comes in impressive 16-foot lengths, which means fewer seams on your home’s exterior. Fewer seams not only create a more aesthetically pleasing appearance but also reduce the chances of water penetration and moisture-related issues. 

Installation Made Easy:

Worried about the installation process? Don’t be! LP SmartSide provides in-depth installation instructions that make the whole process fairly simple for the installation crew. These instructions cover everything from the placement of the nails to the flashing details. This ensures your siding is installed right the first time. LP SmartSide siding offers both the elegance you desire and the ease of installation you need. It’s a fantastic choice for achieving that classic, timeless look for your home. 

Architectural Styles that shine with LP SmartSide Lap siding

LP SmartSide Lap siding’s versatile charm can complement various architectural styles, making it a great choice for a wide range of homes, including: 

LP SmartSide lap siding works well for the architectural styles mentions for several reasons: 

Clean Lines and Symmetry:

Lap siding features clean, horizontal lines that create a sense of order and symmetry. These characteristics align with the design principles of many of these styles. For instance, Colonial and Craftsman styles often emphasize balanced and orderly facades. 

timeless Appeal:

Lap siding has a classic and timeless appearance that has been favored for centuries. This classic look complements architectural styles emphasizing tradition and enduring appeal, such as Colonial and Farmhouse designs. LP SmartSide lap siding can also be customized with various colors and finishes. This flexibility allows homeowners to adapt the siding’s appearance to suit their specific architectural style while maintaining the classic lap siding profile. 

Balance of Texture and Simplicity:

Lap siding also provides a balance between texture and simplicity. While it offers a textured look due to the horizontal grooves, it doesn’t overwhelm the design with excessive detail, making it suitable for a range of styles, including Ranch homes. 

It can also create a cozy and inviting atmosphere, which aligns with the charm of Cape Cod and Farmhouse designs. Its straightforward yet welcoming appearance enhances the character of these architectural styles. 

In essence, lap siding’s adaptability, classic aesthetics, and compatibility with various architectural elements make it a versatile choice that can enhance the visual appeal of a wide range of home styles. It provides a timeless and enduring look that complements the design principles and aesthetics of these architectural styles, making it a popular and well-suited siding option. 

Advantages of LP Lap Siding:

Disadvantages of LP Lap Siding:

Lap siding is a versatile and popular choice for siding due to its timeless appeal, durability, and ease of installation. It provides both functional protection and aesthetic value to properties, making it a common selection for residential and commercial exteriors. 

Modern Elegance: LP SmartSide Panel siding

Panel siding, also known as paneling, refers to a type of exterior cladding or wall covering material used to cover the outer walls of buildings. Panel siding is distinct from lap siding in that it typically consists of large, flat panels that cover a significant portion of the building’s exterior surface in a single piece. If you’re searching for a sleek and stylish siding option, LP SmartSide Panel Siding might be just what your home needs. Here’s why it’s a top choice for many homeowners:

Panel siding

Seamless Elegance:

LP SmartSide Panel siding comes in 16-foot panels, just like its lap siding counterpart. What’s so great about that? Well, these long panels mean fewer seams on your home’s exterior. Fewer seams not only create a cleaner and more elegant look but also reduce potential spots for water to sneak in. 

Versatile and Customizable:

LP SmartSide panel siding typically comes in a 16-inch width. This width opens up exciting design possibilities. You can create a classic “board and batten” look, adding depth and character to your home’s facade. Alternatively, LP offers the cedar texture panel style, which emulates the popular shiplap look for a trendy, rustic charm. 

LP SmartSide panel siding is available in a variety of custom colors but is also paintable. This gives you the freedom to choose from a wide range of colors to match your home’s style. Whether you prefer a contemporary, bold look or a more traditional, muted tone, you can achieve the perfect look to suit your taste. 

Architectural styles enhanced by LP SmartSide Panel Siding

Panel siding works best for architectural styles that emphasize modern and minimalist design principles due to several key factors:

Clean, sleek, uniform appearance:

Panel siding provides a smooth and unbroken surface, creating a clean and uniform appearance that aligns with the simplicity and orderliness often seen in modern or minimalistic designs. Modern and contemporary architectural styles frequently feature sleek, horizontal lines, and panel siding complements these lines by offering a continuous, horizontal surface without the interruptions caused by seams or textures. 

Minimalistic appearance that is easy to customize:

Panel siding’s lack of intricate details and ornamentation is well-suited to minimalist design, which seeks to eliminate unnecessary elements and create a sense of spaciousness and simplicity. Panel siding also allows for a wide range of customization in terms of color and finish. This flexibility enables homeowners and designers to achieve the specific look they want, whether it’s a monochromatic modern design or a bold, contrasting color scheme. 

Contemporary, large, smooth surfaces:

Panel siding from LP is an engineered wood product that offers durability and resistance to the elements essential for modern homes. The large size of panel siding sheets reduces the number of visible seams, creating a seamless and elegant appearance. This can be particularly appealing for homes that prioritize a sleek and uncluttered facade. 

In summary, panel siding works best for modern and minimalist architectural styles because it offers a sleek, clean, and uncluttered appearance that complements the design principles of these styles. Its customization options and durability make it a versatile choice for creating distinctive and contemporary exteriors that appeal to homeowners who appreciate modern aesthetics and minimalistic charm. 

Advantages of LP Panel Siding:

Disadvantages of LP Panel Siding:

Panel siding is an excellent choice for homeowners who appreciate modern aesthetics and minimalist design. It offers a sleek and uniform appearance with a range of customization options. However, homeowners should be aware of potential moisture intrusion issues with improper installation and consider factors like maintenance and cost when choosing panel siding for their homes. Proper installation and upkeep are crucial for ensuring its longevity and performance. 

LP SmartSide Cedar texture siding:
Classic Charm meets modern durability

Cedar shake texture siding is a type of exterior siding that is designed to mimic the appearance of traditional cedar shake siding. Cedar shakes are wooden shingles that are often used for siding on homes, particularly in regions with a rustic or natural aesthetic. Cedar shake texture siding replicates the look and texture of these wooden shakes but is made from a more durable and low-maintenance material. So, if you are thinking about improving your home’s curb appeal, LP SmartSide Cedar Shake Siding is a fantastic option. This siding gives your house a cozy, classic look. Let’s dive into what makes this siding special and why it might be a good choice for you.

Cedar shake siding installation by Custom Exteriors

Classic appearance:

LP SmartSide siding mimics the timeless charm of real cedar shake siding. Its textured surface and natural wood grain patterns create an inviting and rustic look for your home. It is available in both staggered and straight edges, with shiplap ends. This allows for versatility in design and an easy installation process. 

Modern materials with low maintenance needs:

Unlike real wood, LP SmartSide cedar texture shake siding. Its textured surface and natural wood grain patterns create an inviting and rustic look for your home. Another great thing about LP SmartSide cedar texture shake siding is that it doesn’t need a lot of maintenance. You won’t have to paint it as often as real wood, which saves you time and money. 

Architectural Styles that shine with Cedar shake siding

Coastal, Seaside Charm:

Cape Cod homes often feature a coastal, seaside charm with a focus on simplicity and comfort. LP SmartSide Cedar Shake Siding complements this style perfectly due to its textured surface and natural wood grain patterns, which evoke a sense of warmth and coziness. This siding’s customizable colors allow homeowners to capture the quintessential Cape Cod look, featuring whites, grays, and soft pastels. 

Rustic, warm aesthetics:

Craftsman-style homes are known for heir inviting, handcrafted details and warm aesthetics. Cedar Shake style siding enhances this coziness, creating a harmonious fit with the Craftsman philosophy. Additionally, rustic or cottage-style homes often evoke the feeling of a secluded retreat in the woods or countryside. The siding’s textured surface and earthy tones contribute to the warm and welcoming atmosphere associated with these styles. 

Advantages of Cedar style shake siding:

Disadvantages of Cedar style shake siding:

LP SmartSide Cedar-style shake siding is a great choice if you want that classic, cozy look without the headaches of maintaining real wood. It works especially well with certain architectural styles, and its durability makes it a smart investment for your home’s exterior. 

Insider Tips on LPSmartSide Siding

LP SmartSide:
Transforming your home's exterior with style and durability

Infographic created by Custom Exteriors to help explain which style of home works with which style of lp smartside siding

LP SmartSide offers a range of siding options to enhance your home’s appearance and durability. So whether you’re considering LP SmartSide Cedar Shake style siding for its classic charm or LP SmartSide panel siding for its modern appeal, these siding choices bring unique benefits to different architectural styles. 

However, it’s essential to keep in mind that while LP SmartSide is an excellent choice for many homes, these are specific situations where alternative siding materials may be preferred. Factors such as historical preservation, extreme environmental conditions, strict HOA regulations, budget constraints, complex architectural features, or non-standard installations may influence your siding decision. 

Ultimately, LP SmartSide allows homeowners to strike a balance between style and functionality. It offers siding solutions that transform and protect homes while catering to individual preferences and architectural needs. Choosing the right siding for your home involves careful consideration, consultation with professional, experienced siding installers, and a focus on meeting your specific requirements for beauty, durability, and value. 

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