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Wellington frequently experiences hailstorms that can cause damage to roofs. If you have been affected and are in search of a professional roofing contractor in the area, look no further than Custom Exteriors, LLC. We are dedicated to providing top-notch roofing solutions throughout Wellington, catering to various project requirements.

With years of service in the Wellington area, Custom Exteriors takes great pride in delivering high-quality roofing services to our valued customers. Whether it’s minor repairs or complete roof replacements, our team possesses the knowledge and expertise to ensure the job is done right the first time.

To guarantee the longevity and durability of your roof, we exclusively use the highest quality materials. Our commitment to excellence extends to our pricing, as we offer competitive rates and flexible financing options to make our services affordable and accessible to all.

If you’re seeking a professional and local roofing company, Custom Exteriors, LLC is the perfect choice. We provide thorough roof inspections for both residential and commercial properties, offering expert guidance to help you make informed decisions. Whether you require a roof replacement or repair, we are your trusted source for all your roofing needs.

However, we are not limited to roofing services alone. Custom Exteriors is also Wellington’s premier contractor for window replacements, siding installations, and painting projects. No matter the nature of your desired project, we are here to assist you every step of the way.

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Wellington colorado roofing contractor completing roof replacement in wellington colorado

What kind of shingle is right for my roof replacement?

When replacing your roof in Wellington, the factors that meet your personal preferences and city requirements will often be different. A qualified roofing contractor is able to help explain the factors that should play into your decision. Let Custom Exteriors help you with your Wellington roof replacement.

How does it work?


Call us at 970-460-8714 or

We'd love to talk to you, but we understand that everyone's preferences are different. Feel free to reach us by phone or by email. We are happy to respect your communication preferences.


tell us what you need done

We can generally get the information we need to schedule your roof inspection with a quick phone call or email conversation. That is the first step in getting a roof replacement in Wellington.

Custom Exteriors

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Pick out your materials and schedule a delivery day

Our skilled roofing experts and customer service team will walk you through every step of material selection, including discussing the factors specific to your roof. Once selections are made, delivery day is scheduled.


installation and inspections

Now is the time to sit back and relax while Custom Exteriors takes care of everything from a safe and accurate installation to final clean-up and inspections.

When it comes to property repairs, experience undeniably holds immense significance. As our valuable assets, prioritizing knowledge and expertise becomes imperative. Therefore, conducting thorough research to find a reputable local roofing company is crucial. Investing time in this preliminary stage can result in time saved later.

To learn more about how the Premier Fort Morgan Roofing Contractor can help with your next roof replacement or repair, contact Custom Exteriors today!

Why Choose Professional Roof Repair in Wellington?

A typical roof has a lifespan of 20 to 25 years. If your roof is older and has been exposed to severe weather conditions, it is more likely to require repairs. At Custom Exteriors, we specialize in offering professional roof repair services to the Fort Morgan community.

As time passes, the surface and structure of your roof can deteriorate. If you observe missing or cracked shingles, signs of algae growth, or any other damages on the roof’s exterior, it is essential to contact a professional roof repair contractor in Wellington. Our team of experts will conduct a complimentary roof inspection to evaluate the condition of your roof.

Once we have thoroughly assessed the results of our inspection, we will discuss the available repair options with you. Roof repairs are an effective way to extend the lifespan of your roof and can ultimately save you money in the long term.

Protect your home from the detrimental effects of an aging roof by promptly addressing roof maintenance. These effects encompass water leakage, mold, mildew, heat loss, and more. Allowing these issues to persist can result in irreparable harm to the structural integrity of your roof. The most effective approach to maintaining the optimal condition of your roof is to promptly invest in repairs upon detecting any damages.

By taking early action and investing in roof repairs, you can prevent significant damage to your property. Water leakage, mold, and mildew have the potential to inflict further harm to the structure of your roof, leading to costly repairs. Addressing these concerns while they are still superficial allows you to save time and money.

Using a local roofing company for your roof repairs ensures superior craftsmanship, safety, and warranties on workmanship.

If you need roof repairs in Wellington, contact the experts at Custom Exteriors, LLC today to schedule your no-obligation roof inspection.

hail damage roof replacement

Oh Hail!

As locals to the area, at Custom Exteriors, we are used to the feeling of a destructive hailstorm. We are used to having our summer fun put on hold to repair the damage of mother nature! 

The process of hail restoration is a lot easier if you understand what to expect and how to move through the process as quickly as possible. 

If you need a roof replacement, siding replacement or window replacement due to hail damage, Custom Exteriors can help. Join us in walking through the steps of hail related exterior repairs from the point the storm hits until you get the estimate for your repairs. 

What to look for in a roofing company?

Custom Exteriors is proud to be a Top-Rated Roofing Company in Wellington! Please call us today to let us help you through your property's hail damage repairs.

My Commercial Building Needs A New Roof, But Which Roof System is Best?

When replacing and maintaining a commercial roof, there are many factors that must be considered, the least of which is not, what system is right for me. Take a moment and read about the many styles of flat roof systems. 

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