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Your home deserves the best. This applies whether you are trying to enhance your curb appeal, home durability, or energy efficiency. No matter your goals, our team of siding experts is here to make your vision a reality. 

With years of experience in the industry and a commitment to quality, we have earned our reputation as a premier siding replacement company in Greeley. Whether you want to refresh the outside of your home, boost your insulation, or cater to your personal style, Custom Exteriors is here to help. 

And we don’t just replace siding we transform homes entirely. Whether you are looking for a siding company that installs JamesHardie, LP SmartSide, or vinyl, Custom Exteriors is your trusted partner. We are excited to help you explore our range of siding replacement solutions. 

Endless Choices In Siding Replacement

Custom Exteriors provides its customers with an impressive selection of siding materials. These include vinyl, fiber cement, wood, and engineered siding. 

Custom Exteriors provides a wide variety of materials, styles, and color choices for your siding replacement. This allows us to tailor our siding installations to meet each customer’s needs and style preferences. Contact us today to explore the endless options. Experience the Custom Exteriors difference today. 

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Choosing the right siding replacement starts with your siding company

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Identification of need for new siding

Before diving into a total siding replacement, determining if your home truly needs a replacement or if a repair could satisfy your needs is important. A simple visual inspection can often reveal the initial signs that your siding may have reached its usable life. Look out for damaged sections, peeling or fading, and issues with the function of your siding.
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Researching your

A successful siding replacement begins with a well-informed decision. If you have determined you need replacement siding, a few critical factors should be considered when choosing a siding material. Familiarize yourself with siding materials, the cost and material of labor and materials, and the long-term benefits that align closest with your needs.
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Selecting the Right

Your siding is only as good as its installation. Ensure a smooth process by seeking recommendations from others who've recently had siding work done. You can gauge the reputation of local contractors by their Google ratings and their standing with the BBB. After doing this research, meet with your contractor to discuss your needs and budget.

What to expect during your siding replacement project with Custom Exteriors

Siding plays an essential role in not only safeguarding your home against the elements but also adding to your home’s curb appeal. So, if you’re considering a siding replacement, it’s essential to know what the process entails. At Custom Exteriors, we focus on providing our customers with the knowledge they need to make informed decisions and reasonable expectations. This is a basic outline of what you can expect during your siding replacement project at Custom Exteriors.

Initial Consultation & Preparation

1. Assessment:

The siding replacement process usually begins with an in-depth assessment of your home. We will evaluate the current condition of your siding and the structure of your home. Then, we can determine what needs to be replaced and identify any special accommodations needed to complete your exterior remodel. 

2. Material Selection:

During your initial consultation, you’ll be presented with various siding options. Available options include vinyl, fiber cement, wood, and more. Each has benefits concerning durability, maintenance, and appearance. The architectural style of your home and local climate should also be considered when making a siding replacement choice. 

3. Cost Estimate:

After you have chosen the siding material you plan to use and your house has been inspected for additional accommodations it may need during replacement; you will be provided with a detailed estimate. This estimate should be detailed, including the brand, amounts, color, and locations of the replacement siding. A clear estimate can prevent confusion later on. 

The replacement process

1. Scheduling:

Once you have decided to proceed, a date will be set for the project to begin. The timeframe will depend largely on material availability and weather conditions. The project could be a single day or spread over many days, depending on the scope of your project. 

2. Removal and Inspection:

The first step in a siding replacement project is carefully removing the old siding. Our skilled team will accomplish this without damage to the underlying structure or landscaping. Once the old siding is off, our siding installers will inspect for any damage or issues that need to be addressed before the new siding goes up. These can include moisture damage and rot, not visible until the old siding was removed. 

3. Installation:

Once the structure is prepared, most modern siding has additional weatherproofing measures, such as house wraps or moisture barriers. Then, the new siding will be methodically installed, ensuring a snug fit around windows, doors, and corners. Once the main siding is up, trim, soffits, fascias, and other details will be completed.

4. Clean-up and Final inspections:

Once the siding installation is complete, our team will clean up the worksite, ensuring no debris or materials are left behind. Once everything is complete, we will walk the project with you to give you the chance to:

Siding replacement can dramatically enhance your home’s curb appeal and protective barrier. While the process might seem daunting, knowing what to expect at each stage can make it a smooth and stress-free experience. 

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