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Estes Park Roofing contractor installing synthetic shake shingle roof replacement

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Living in Estes Park means experiencing the country’s most beautiful landscapes and wildlife. However, with that beauty comes a risk of wildfires. They can devastate homes and businesses. That is why protecting your property with fire-resistant roofing solutions is essential. Luckily, Custom Exteriors specializes in just that. 

We offer many fire-resistant roofing solutions. These are formulated to withstand even the most extreme conditions. Synthetic shingles are high-quality shingles. They are often designed to mimic the look of natural slate and cedar. But they combine durability and fire resistance. They also improve the curb appeal of natural materials. 

Custom Exteriors – your foremost choice for all your roofing needs in Estes Park. As a leading Estes Park roofing contractor, we pride ourselves on providing top-tier solutions. So, we strive to protect your home and enhance its curb appeal and value. Beyond roofing, we’re also your partner for other exterior services. These include replacement siding and windows. We also install gutters and offer top-quality painting services. We are committed to excellence and deeply understand Estes Park’s unique environment. Because of this, our dedicated team is here to transform your property.

commercial roofing in Erie, colorado from
Custom Exteriors

Custom Exteriors is the trusted company for flat roof replacements in Erie. Our knowledgeable and skilled commercial roofing team is here to help. They will walk you through every step of restoring your commercial property’s roof. 

Pro Roofing Contractor Serving Estes Park, Colorado

Estes Park Roofing Contractor

When it comes to roofing in Estes Park, things are a bit different. Contractors deal with specific concerns. They also encounter tasks that set them apart from those on the front range.

For anyone working here, licenses are a must. This applies to commercial buildings, residential houses, or managed communities. This is because, up in our stunning Rocky Mountains, we take fire risks seriously. That’s why contractors choose roofing materials that resist fire. Many manufacturers make beautiful and safe options for roofing systems.

At Custom Exteriors, we are experienced in replacing roofs in Estes Park. Our location means we are at a particularly high elevation. This high elevation is where winters get cold, and summers are short but sweet. This weather window makes timing super important. This is especially important for larger projects like businesses or community housing.

Estes Park is filled with lovely upscale properties. Due to our experience with luxury homes, we are confident we can surpass your expectations.  Whether your Estes Park home needs metal, flat, shake, slate, or anything else, Custom Exteriors is the roofing expert you need. So if you are ready to discuss your roofing needs. Custom Exteriors can help, so get in touch with us today!

Estes park roofing contractor installing synthetic shake shingle roof replacement
Synthetic shake shingle roof replacement in Estes park by roofing contractor

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custom exteriors, A Top Roofing company in estes park, colorado.

Picking the perfect roofing contractor is essential. It’s what makes sure your roofing job goes smoothly. It also ensures the project gets done right and doesn’t break the bank. Because of this, a trustworthy and skilled roofing contractor is your expert guide. They’ll help you pick suitable materials. They should also do a top-notch installation job. By doing so, they ensure your roof stays strong for the long run.


Experience and Reputation

When picking a roofing contractor, experience and reputation are the big players. A roofing contractor with experience knows about your home’s exterior systems. Additionally, they can tackle any roofing job like a pro. Furthermore, they have the skills to get things done right. Reputation is just as significant – it’s like a report card on how good a roofing company is. It tells you if they’re skilled at top-quality installations. It also reflects their customer service skills.

Licensing and Insurance

Licensing and insurance; they’re essential when it comes to picking a roofing contractor. This is because you need both boxes checked. First, a valid license to work on roofs in Estes Park. Second, insurance to keep you and your home safe. Just in case things go south during the project. So, licensing shows the contractor’s got the green light. Then insurance ensures you’re covered. It’s like a safety net for your project. When a roofing contractor is licensed, it means they’ve passed the test. 

Warranty and guarantees

Warranties and guarantees are among the most important factors when choosing a contractor. This is because they serve as an added layer of security when picking a roofing contractor. They’re essential because they cover your interests if anything goes wrong. It should also cover both the work and materials on your new roof. It’s like a safety net, giving you peace of mind. So, these promises reassure you that the roofing contractor is qualified. It’s also a good sign that the contractor takes their work seriously.

Key Considerations When Hiring A Roofing Contractor

When you’re looking for a roofing contractor, there are a few basic expectations you should have in mind. First off, clear and effective communication is key. As such, a reputable contractor should be easy to reach and responsive. They should also be prepared to answer your questions throughout the project.

Choosing a contractor with a local presence is also a good idea. This ensures they are familiar with your area’s specific challenges and regulations. This can then make a significant difference in the job quality they deliver.

Checking references is another crucial step. This is because a reliable roofing contractor will be more than willing to provide you with references from their past projects. Also, speaking with previous clients can give you insights into the contractor’s work ethics. You’ll also be able to gauge their professionalism and overall performance.

Warranties are a crucial aspect as well. Reputable contractors stand behind their work with solid warranties. So this means that in case of any issues that arise after the project is complete, you’re covered.

Lastly, transparent estimates are a must. A trustworthy contractor will provide a detailed estimate that breaks down costs. This transparency ensures you understand what you’re paying for. It also helps you make informed decisions about your roofing project.

Replacing your roof on your Estes Park short-term rental property

Estes Park’s beauty is simply unmatched. And guess what? It’s also a fantastic spot for a short-term rental property. The whole area is visually stunning. In addition to this, the town’s got that cozy charm that’s hard to resist!

Custom Exteriors are the pros for replacing roofs on single- and multi-family homes in our stunning mountain territories. We understand how to get projects done without causing a major disruption for the community and guests.

Safety’s important for us – not just our team but everyone around. And we’re super considerate about noise and mess. Plus, our communication is top-notch. Custom Exteriors is Estes Park’s premier roofing company!

Shake Shingles?

Regarding new roofs in Colorado’s mountain regions, shake shingles are usually not approved for installation. The risk of fires thus makes the mountain homes’ needs unique. For new roofs, they must be Class A fire rated. This means they need to meet specific fire resistance rules. So, shake shingles, which are wooden, often don’t make the cut.

This is precisely why onboarding a local, skilled roofing contractor is essential. That’s where Custom Exteriors comes excels. We have completed many roofs in Estes Park. So, they’re in the know about local codes and rules. They’ve got great alternatives to the less fire-resistant natural roofing products. Custom regularly installs synthetic, fire-resistant alternatives to shake, slate, and even siding options! 

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