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Custom Exteriors is your trusted Milliken roofing company! With years of experience in the industry, we specialize in residential, multi-family, and commercial roofing services. When it comes to protecting your property, choosing a local and knowledgeable roofing company like ours offers numerous advantages.

As a local roofing company, we have an in-depth understanding of our area’s unique roofing needs and challenges. We know the local weather patterns, building codes, and regulations. Our team is well-versed in addressing common roofing issues that arise, ensuring that we provide tailored solutions for your roofing needs.

Over the years, we have established a solid reputation in the roofing industry. Our expert team has completed residential, multi-family, and commercial roofing projects all along the Front Range. We have the experience and expertise to handle a wide range of roofing systems and materials. When you choose our services, you can know that your roof is in capable hands. 

At Custom Exteriors, we are committed to delivering top-notch craftsmanship on every project we undertake. Our skilled roofing professionals undergo continuous training and stay up-to-date with the latest roofing techniques and best practices. We use high-quality materials and employ industry-leading methods to ensure the longevity and durability of your roof.

When it comes to roofing solutions for your residential, multi-family, or commercial property, trust the expertise of Custom Exteriors as your Milliken, CO roofing company.

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Custom Exteriors, LLC: Milliken's Premier Roofing Contractor

Custom Exteriors is the premier roofing company in Milliken. We take great pride in being recognized as the go-to choice for all your roofing needs. What sets us apart and makes us the preferred roofing company in Milliken? Here are the key factors that make us the premier choice:

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Three things to look for in a milliken, cO roofing contractor


Comprehensive Range of Services

As the premier roofing company in our area, we offer a comprehensive range of roofing services to cater to all your needs. Whether you require new roof installations, roof replacements, roof repairs, or routine maintenance, we have the expertise and resources to deliver outstanding results. Our versatility allows us to serve both residential and commercial clients, providing tailored solutions for properties of all sizes.


Strong reputation & Trust

Over the years, we have built a strong reputation as a reliable and trustworthy roofing company. Our satisfied customers are a testament to our commitment to excellence. We take pride in the positive feedback and referrals we receive, and we continuously strive to maintain the trust and confidence placed in us by our community. When you choose us, you choose a reputable company that delivers exceptional results.


Licensed, Insured, and Certified

We understand the importance of your peace of mind when it comes to roofing projects. That's why we are fully licensed, insured, and certified to operate in Milliken and the surrounding areas. Our compliance with industry standards and regulations ensures that you are protected throughout the entire roofing process. With us, you can have complete confidence in our services' safety, reliability, and legality.

We understand that everyone has unique communication preferences, which is why we offer the flexibility to connect with us through phone or digital channels. Whether you prefer the convenience of digital communication or the personal touch of a phone conversation, we are here to accommodate your needs. Our goal is to ensure seamless and clear communication, allowing us to address your inquiries, provide updates, and collaborate effectively throughout your experience with us. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we are committed to providing exceptional customer service tailored to your communication preferences.


your roof was damaged by hail, what should I expect from a hail claim on my roof?

As experts in the roofing industry, we understand that filing an insurance claim for a roof replacement can be overwhelming and confusing for many property owners. We’ve put together this series to help you better understand what to expect throughout the process. 

We will cover the inspection process in the first part of our series. This includes what to expect during an inspection, what types of damage insurance companies look for, and how to prepare for the inspection. 

In the second part of our series, we’ll cover the basics of estimates. In part three, we focus specifically on understanding the estimate that comes right from your insurance company. 

By the end of the series, you’ll clearly understand the insurance-covered roof replacement process and feel confident in your ability to navigate the process easily. 

Emergency Tarping in Milliken

In times of roofing emergencies, Custom Exteriors is your trusted partner for reliable and prompt roof tarping services in Milliken. We understand that unexpected events such as severe storms, fallen trees, or accidents can cause significant damage to your roof, leaving your property vulnerable to further harm. That’s why we offer emergency roof tarping, a crucial service that provides immediate protection until permanent repairs can be made.

Our team of highly skilled roofing professionals is available around the clock to respond swiftly to your emergency needs. When you contact us, we will dispatch a dedicated crew equipped with the necessary tools and materials to secure your roof quickly and efficiently. Our experts will assess the extent of the damage, strategically install a durable roof tarp, and ensure that it is securely fastened to prevent any further water intrusion or structural issues.

Choosing our reputable roofing company for emergency roof tarping comes with several benefits. First and foremost, our experienced team has the knowledge and expertise to handle various roofing systems and can adapt to different emergency situations. We prioritize safety and precision in every step of the tarping process, providing you with peace of mind knowing that your property is protected.

Milliken Roof Replacement Experts

Custom Exteriors specializes in both commercial and residential roof replacements. We understand that a roof replacement is a significant investment for any property owner, and our team has the knowledge and experience to deliver exceptional results.

For commercial properties, we recognize the unique requirements of each business and strive to minimize disruptions to your operations. Our experts work efficiently and adhere to strict timelines to ensure a smooth and timely completion of your roof replacement project. We have extensive experience working with a wide range of commercial roofing systems, including flat roofs, TPO, EPDM, metal roofs, and more.

Regarding residential roof replacements in Milliken, we understand the importance of protecting your home and ensuring its long-term durability. Our team of skilled professionals will assess the condition of your existing roof and recommend the most suitable replacement options based on your budget, preferences, and the architectural style of your home. We use high-quality materials and employ industry-leading techniques to deliver a roof replacement that enhances both the aesthetic appeal and functionality of your residential property.

Whether you require a commercial roof replacement to protect your business or a residential roof replacement to enhance the comfort and value of your home, trust [Company Name] to deliver exceptional results. Our expertise, professionalism, and dedication to quality set us apart as the go-to choice for all your roof replacement needs. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and take the first step toward a durable and beautiful roof.

What to look for in a roofing company?

Custom Exteriors is proud to be a Top-Rated Roofing Company in Johnstown! Because of this, please call us today to let us help you through your property's hail damage repairs.

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