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Fredrick roofing company completing a roof replacement with asphalt shingles

Frederick Roof Replacement has never been easier

Are you in need of a roof replacement in Frederick? Custom Exteriors is the premier roofing company in Frederick. Why? Because we understand the needs of specific Colorado locations better than companies not local to Colorado. For instance, many roof replacements require or choose a class 4 shingle due to our area’s propensity to hailstorms. Should your roof replacement use a class 4, impact-resistant shingle? Custom Exteriors can help. Learn more about what creates a need for a class 4 shingle. 

Custom Exteriors is the preferred Commercial roofing contractor in Frederick, Colorado

We are extremely proud of our expertise and the consistently high quality of our work. Over the years, we have honed our skills through extensive industry experience, ensuring that every project we undertake is executed with precision and professionalism.

We understand that commercial roofing projects demand a unique skill set and specialized knowledge. Whether it is a large-scale industrial complex or a commercial building, we have the necessary expertise and resources to handle roofing challenges effectively. Our unwavering dedication to excellence and meticulous attention to detail guarantee outstanding results on every single project.

We invite you to take a moment to review a recent commercial roof replacement completed by Custom Exteriors. Don’t hesitate to contact us today to discuss your roofing requirements. We are confident that we can surpass your expectations and provide you with exceptional service.

Roofing services:

Residential Roofing

Custom Exteriors is dedicated to providing top-quality roofing services for homeowners along the front range. Our team of skilled and knowledgeable roofing professionals specializes in residential roof replacement, as well as roof repair and maintenance. Whether you need a simple roof repair or a complete roof replacement, we have the expertise and experience to get it done right. We offer various residential roof replacement services such as asphalt shingles, synthetic shingles, metal roofing, low/no slope roofing, and more. 

Commercial Roofing

At Custom Exteriors, we specialize in commercial roofing services for businesses of all sizes. Our team of experts has years of experience in flat roof replacement and repair, as well as ongoing maintenance plans to ensure the longevity of your roof. We are well-versed in all commercial roofing systems,  including TPO, EPDM, Mod Bit, and roof coating systems. We understand that commercial roofing is a significant investment, and we work closely with each of our clients to develop a customized solution for their needs and budget.

Multi-Family Roofing

Custom Exteriors’ team of expert roofing professionals have years of experience and focus on communication with the property manager and the community residents. We have developed a specialized plan that considers the unique needs of multi-family properties. We understand that replacing a roof can be disruptive, so we work closely with property managers to create a customized plan that minimizes disruption to residents while still completing the project promptly and efficiently. Our resident page can be found here. 

The Frederick Roofing Contractor you can count on!

Are you looking for a professional roofing contractor in Frederick? Are you unsure as to the condition of your roof? Custom Exteriors, LLC offers professional roofing options throughout the Frederick area to ensure you get the best service possible.

Custom Exteriors, LLC is the premier roofing contractor in the Frederick area. Our experts work on residential and commercial roofing projects to ensure you get the best service, no matter the project. We prioritize keeping up to date on any roofing system changes so that we can keep your properties in the best shape possible.

If you’re looking for a great roofing contractor, look no further. We offer:

Fredrick roofing company
Fredrick roofing company doing an asphalt shingle roof replacement in Fredrick

To learn more about our services and to set up an appointment for your Frederick roofing project with the premier roofing contractor in the area, call Custom Exteriors, LLC today or complete our online request form.

Why Choose Frederick Roof Replacement?

Engaging in a roof replacement for your home is a big decision. How do you know that you need a roof replacement in the first place? And why work with a local company like Custom Exteriors, LLC?

There are a few signs your home might benefit from a roof replacement. First is that your roof is already over 25 years old. Most roofing options are only good for 20-25 years. When your roof is 25 years old, its lifespan is almost over.

Of course, since your roof is older, you likely notice other signs of age indicating you could benefit from a roof replacement, such as missing and cracked shingles, roof sagging, and algae growth.

As a local roofing contractor, Custom Exteriors understands the unique needs of a Colorado property. 


Frederick Roof Replacement Services

Damage to your shingles can promote water damage in your roofing system. In turn, this can lead to structural damage and sagging, as well as algae growth on the surface of your roof. Once you notice damaged or missing shingles, it’s time to call in a roofing expert to do a full inspection. It’s essential to be aware of how bad the damages to your roof are before going through a complete roof replacement.

Custom Exteriors, LLC experts are your local option for a roof replacement. We provide free, no-obligation assessments of your roof.  Hiring a local roofing contractor is a great way to ensure you’re getting the best service for your area and ensures our experts are up to date on all building codes. Talk to Custom Exteriors, LLC experts today if you might benefit from a Frederick roof replacement.

The storm Hit

As Colorado locals, we understand and have personally experienced the devastation our Colorado severe weather can cause. When the storm hits, being prepared with a plan and equipped with the knowledge to get through the roof replacement process makes all the difference in the world. So, as the premier roofing company in Northern Colorado, we are laying it all out for our customers.

delivery day

It’s the delivery day! The end is in sight! By this point, your roof inspection is complete, you have settled on a qualified roofing company to complete your roof replacement, and you have chosen the material, style, and color of your new roof! Although the actual delivery portion of your day will likely be under an hour, there are some things to consider. Let’s look at the expectations for the delivery of your new shingles. 

Installation day

It is the day your roof is scheduled to be replaced. As with the other steps in this process, there are things to remember to ensure a smooth and uneventful day. For the most part, installation day shouldn’t require much from the homeowner. With reasonable expectations and a knowledge of what will occur throughout the day, we find that most homeowners only experience minor inconveniences for such a large-scale project. 

My roof is being replaced and i have spaced decking

What Is Spaced Decking And What Do I Have To Do Next?

Sometimes during the roof replacement process, unexpected issues can arise. One of these issues in spaced decking. Building Codes require the replacement of spaced decking under certain circumstances. Will your insurance pay for that? Does spaced decking have to be replaced? Take a moment and learn about this possible complication of your roof replacement. 

spaced decking

You ask, we answer

As a property owner, you should know several important things about roof replacement in Fredrick. A roof replacement is a sizeable remodeling project. Because of this, there is tremendous planning and coordination before we even step foot on the job. 

Consideration must be made regarding material choices, pricing, insurance coverage, and more! Custom Exteriors values our customer’s satisfaction above all else. What things should a property owner consider when replacing their roof in Fredrick?

Working with a qualified roofing company will assist with this decision. They are knowledgeable in all commonly used roofing systems. Additionally, they will assist in equipping each homeowner with the knowledge to make this decision. If you are looking for a commercial roof replacement in Frederick, please take a moment to review the many commercial roofing systems available for your property. If your roof replacement is for a residence, it is likely to have asphalt shingles. Custom Exteriors also provides it’s customers with a clear guide to your different options when it comes to the styles of asphalt shingles

Many factors come into play when making the decision to work with a contractor. These factors should include the contractor’s reputation, their ability to provide proof of insurance and licensing, their training in the roofing industry, and much more. Property owners should give careful consideration to this choice. Choosing a trusted, local roofing contractor, is generally a good place to start. 

At Custom Exteriors, you will have a clear picture of everything to expect during your roof replacement process. We will explain each step in the roof replacement process, starting with material selections At Custom Exteriors, we prioritize communication. In addition to our amazing customer service team, our automated system sends you updates at critical markers in your roof replacement process. 

We really can’t say it enough. It is important to us at Custom Exteriors to equip our local communities to understand exterior remodeling and help them take that knowledge and put it to work on their most significant asset. Custom Exteriors has a custom roof replacement process that we abide by during every roof replacement. Take a look at the delivery day portion of that process here

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