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Colorado Roofing Solutions:

Get a feel for our work by reviewing the many residential, multi-family, and commercial roofing solutions we have completed throughout Colorado with our interactive roofing solutions. 

Why Custom Exteriors is your premier roofing contractor in Loveland

Residential roofing contractor in Loveland replacing asphalt shingle roof
Commerial roofing contractor in Loveland installing flat roof replacement
Multi-family condo roof replacement in Loveland by roofing contractor Custom Exteriors

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At Custom Exteriors, we take immense pride in being a trusted roofing contractor in Loveland. With decades of experience and a commitment to quality, our proven track record of successful residential and commercial roofing projects has established us as the go-to experts for your exterior needs. Reputable sources such as Architectural Digest and MSN turn to Custom Exteriors for their expertise on everything from window styles to job site safety. While being recognized for our knowledge and experience by well-known sources is an honor, we are most proud of our 5 rating on Google and our A+ rating with our local BBB. This is because these are a true reflection of the service we provide locally, spoken by the neighbors who have already experienced the Custom Exteriors difference firsthand. Whether you need roof replacement, repair, or installation, here’s why you should choose us.

Decades of exterior experience

Our journey toward becoming Loveland’s trusted roofing company began decades ago, and we have been dedicated to serving the community since. Our extensive experience has equipped us with the knowledge and expertise to handle any roofing project, regardless of size or complexity. Over the years, we’ve seen it all, from minor roof repairs to complete roof replacements, and our seasoned professionals bring this wealth of experience to every job. 

Trusted by industry leaders

Custom Exteriors has gained recognition from prestigious publications such as Architectural Digest and World News and Reports. These reputable sources turn to us for guidance and expertise in the field of exteriors. This acknowledgment reflects our commitment to maintaining the highest standards of quality and innovation in the industry. 

Comprehensive Roofing services

As your preferred Loveland roofing contractor, we offer a wide range of residential, multi-family, and commercial roofing services to meet your needs: 

Customer-Centric approach with affordable and transparent pricing

At Custom Exteriors, we understand that your home or commercial property is a significant investment and your roofing needs are unique. That’s why we take a personalized approach to every project. Our dedicated team works closely with you to understand your requirements and provide tailored roofing solutions that exceed your expectations. 

We also believe in transparent pricing. When choosing Custom Exteriors as your roofing contractor, you can expect competitive pricing without compromising quality. We provide detailed estimates and keep you informed throughout the roof replacement process, ensuring there are no surprises. 

Contact us today

For all your roofing needs in Loveland, including roof replacement and repair, Custom Exteriors is the roofing contractor you can trust. Our decades of experience, industry recognition, and commitment to excellence make us the preferred choice for homeowners and businesses alike. 

Don’t wait until roofing issues escalate; contact us today for a free consultation. Experience the Custom Exteriors difference and enjoy peace of mind knowing your home is in capable hands. 

Discover the Best: Why Choose Custom Exteriors as your Loveland roofing company

When the time comes for a roof repair or replacement, choosing the right team for the job is essential. It is also the key to long-lasting protection for your home. So, if you are searching for a Loveland roofing contractor, you need a reliable, professional, and highly skilled partner. That is where Custom Exteriors excels. 

As a premier Loveland roofing company, we specialize in providing top-tier services, ensuring your Loveland roof replacement is seamless, straightforward, and, most importantly, tailored to meet your specific needs. With us, you’re not just getting a service; you’re gaining a committed ally, prioritizing your peace of mind and your home’s safety. Let’s explore why Custom Exteriors stands out as the go-to choice for homeowners needing expert roofing service. 

When you work with Custom Exteriors, you can expect: 

Understanding the local factors for your Loveland roof replacement

Building codes and safety

Our local permitting requirements and guidelines are set by the City of Loveland to make sure every roof in the city is safe and strong. They are here to protect us all. However, these codes can influence the materials you choose for your roof.

Loveland weather considerations

Loveland experiences seasons of harsh weather. These can include heavy snow loads and large, damaging hail. Not only do we know the best time of year to replace your roof, but also how our local weather conditions will impact your new roof.

Custom Exteriors Loveland roofing services:

Choosing the right roof: exploring roof material choices

Deciding on the materials for your new roof in Loveland is a big step. Each roofing system has its own benefits and drawbacks. Understanding your options allows you to choose the best roof for your home confidently. Some of the most common roofing materials are:

1. Asphalt Shingles:

2. metal roofing:

3. Synthetic Roofing:

4. Tile Roofing:

5. Slate Roofing:

6. Wood roofing

No single material is perfect for everyone. The right choice will depend on many factors. These include your budget, your home’s structural support, and aesthetic preference. 

A knowledgeable Loveland roofing contractor can your you through these options and help you make informed decisions. When all factors are considered, your new roof will suit your style and needs perfectly. 

Custom Exteriors is the premier Commercial roofing company in loveland, Colorado

Custom Exteriors is the name that Loveland trusts for commercial roofing. As a leading commercial roofing contractor in Loveland, we understand the unique needs of businesses in our community and are dedicated to delivering exceptional service. 

When it comes to commercial roof replacement in Loveland, we are the experts you can rely on. Our skilled team has mastered a variety of roofing systems, including popular options like TPO and EPDM. 

But don’t just take our word for it. We invite you to watch a short video that showcases a recent commercial roof replacement project. Once you have seen our work, take a look at some of our other experiences. Custom Exteriors is trusted by major sources such as Architectural Digest and Homes and Gardens. They look to us for our experience in everything from affordable remodeling projects to job site safety

We hope to have the chance to earn your business as your trusted commercial roofing company in Loveland. 

Our other exteriors services in Loveland:

Transparent estimates and quality materials: Custom Exteriors' promise to Loveland

Understanding your investment

Transparent Estimating
Choosing to start a Loveland roof replacement is a significant decision. Because of this, we believe you should know exactly what you're investing in. That's why our estimates are straightforward and easy to understand. No hidden fees, no surprises. Just an honest breakdown of the work and the costs. As a trusted Loveland roofing contractor, your peace of mind is our priority.
Learn to read your roof estimate

High Quality Materials for your roof replacement

Quality material from reputable suppliers
We don't compromise when it comes to quality. We practice this in every step of your roof replacement. Quality matters, especially when it concerns the protection of your home and your roof. Our team helps you carefully select the best material for your unique needs, ensuring your roof stays beautiful and strong against the elements for years to come.

Why Choose Custom Exteriors?

Experience the Custom Exteriors difference firsthand
With so many options out there, it's essential to pick a roofing company that understands your needs. Our blend of transparent estimates and quality materials has made us a preferred choice for those needing a Loveland roof replacement. Partnering with Custom Exteriors means investing in professionalism, durability, and trust.
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Understanding your roof:
the key to a successful Loveland roof replacement

Your roof is more than just the cover over your home. It’s a complex system designed to protect you and your loved ones from the elements. At Custom Exteriors, we believe that understanding your roof is the first step toward a successful roof replacement. 

Knowledge is Power

Knowing the basics about your roof can make a world of difference when it comes time for a roof replacement. It helps you make informed decisions, understand what to expect, and ensure you get the best value for your investment. As a leading Loveland roofing contractor, we’re here to share our knowledge with you. We will explain the different parts of your roof, how they work, and how to identify potential damage

Trust in Custom exteriors

When it comes time for your roof replacement in Loveland, you want an ally. Our reputation as a trusted Loveland roofing company isn’t just about our expertise in installations. It’s also about our commitment to educating our customers. We aim to make the roof replacement process a smooth and worry-free experience by keeping our customers informed. We clearly outline the process from our initial consultation to the final inspection. 

The path forward

With a solid understanding of your roof, you’re better equipped to make decisions about its replacement. And with Custom Exteriors by your side, you can be confident in the choices you make. Reach out to us today to start the process of getting a durable, dependable, and beautiful roof. 

Loveland roofing company replacing shake shingle roof with a more fire resistant option
Loveland roofing company installing synthetic shingles on a roof replacement

Custom Exteriors is Loveland, CO's Hailstorm Restoration Company

Custom Exteriors is a locally owned and operated business. Therefore, we know what it is like to have your home and belongings damaged by a storm. We understand how inconvenient it is to have to restore your roof. And that doesn’t even count damage to siding, windows, gutters, and paint. We understand that summer is for hitting Boyd Lake for a day on the water. In Loveland, we spend the weekend enjoying a round of golf near the beautiful foothills of Mariana Butte. We could even enjoy one of the 233 days of sunshine we get here in Loveland on a hike or at the pool. 

What you don’t want to do is spend your summer with a damaged home exterior. Likely having repairs inconveniencing your summer plans. So, a day at the pool or a day at home waiting for all your repairs to be done? We get it. We understand that it is never, in fact, fun to have your home damaged. And therefore, have people in your space repairing the damage. 

Why Custom Exteriors is Loveland's Choice for Roof Replacements

We have first-hand knowledge of Loveland’s history of severe weather. For us, this has included hail and even wind storms. Indeed we know how important the process actually is. Custom Exteriors is Loveland’s roofing company! You need a contractor you can trust, who is local to the area, and who can complete your repairs safely and on time. 

Knowing that hail doesn’t only affect the roof, doesn’t it make sense to work with an exterior expert rather than just a roofing company? Custom Exteriors complete any type of roofing system your Loveland home has including:

Contact us today to schedule your no-cost, no-obligation roof inspection!

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