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7 Smart Exterior Upgrades That Add the Most Value To A House

Exterior upgrades by Custom Exteriors

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7 Smart exterior upgrades that add the most value to a house

Let’s be realistic: when you decide to spend money upgrading your home, your exterior is generally not high on the list of possible projects. We find that odd, not because we have dedicated our careers to exterior remodeling, but rather because it is literally the first impression of each and every one of your guests. So when we discuss exterior remodeling, in addition to boosting your home’s curb appeal, we are talking about making smart investments that actually pay off. And by ‘pay off,’ we mean adding real, tangible value to your house. 

When trying to choose the best exterior upgrades for the money, the talk should be about projects that will not only make your house look amazing but also slap that higher price on your home. 

Smart exterior remodeling isn’t just throwing cash at every new trend. Rather, it’s about choosing smart upgrades. Upgrades that look great, work hard behind the scenes, and give your home’s curb appeal and value a boost. It’s a practical, financially responsible investment that pays off in the long run. As you will see, investing in your home’s exterior is one of the smartest moves you can make for your property’s future. Let’s find out exactly what you should do to increase the value and curb appeal of your home! 

1. High-quality siding replacement

When choosing a home exterior improvement project that adds to your curb appeal and also adds real value to your property, a high-quality siding replacement easily takes the number one spot. The exterior of your home is the first impression every guest gets when they arrive at your home. On most homes in our area, the largest portion of that exterior is made up of siding! With decades of experience in the construction and remodeling world, we have rarely seen an exterior remodeling project with as much impact as a well-designed siding replacement project. 

Whether we are talking about stained cedar siding paired with black accents, creating a modern masterpiece, or the intricately designed and painted siding accents on a historical home, your siding makes (or breaks) your exterior. 

Siding replacement by Custom Exteriors

The financial wisdom in siding replacement

According to industry reports, siding replacement has one of the highest ROI among home improvement projects. A 2019 Cost vs. Value report states that, on average, homeowners can expect up to an 80 percent return on their siding investment, depending on the material used. 

It is not just a matter of percentages; siding replacement can also have a dramatic impact on your home’s curb appeal. It’s no secret that first impressions are important. Worn or dated siding can deter potential buyers, and the negative impact on your home’s first impression can distract from even the most beautiful interiors. In addition to the financial and aesthetic gains, new siding also provides many other benefits, including: 

Curb appeal for any style

Replacement siding is available in many styles and colors. Fiber cement, vinyl, wood, and engineered wood siding all come with great returns on your investment. With so many materials and styles of siding available, there is a siding product that pairs perfectly with your project. Whether you are looking for a cost-effective vinyl siding replacement or are creating a modern masterpiece with panel-style siding, the options are endless. 

In addition to the increased curb appeal, most modern siding replacements come with or can be paired with energy-efficient options designed to increase your home’s insulation significantly. We recently completed a complex of homes in our Colorado mountains. During the replacement process, the community opted to unlay the siding with house-insulating panels. This small addition made a huge difference in meeting the energy goals in their community. 

Additionally, the government often offers incentives for energy-saving home improvements, which can contribute to overall savings. These incentives can significantly increase the benefits of a siding replacement project. 

As exterior remodeling contractors, it is our professional opinion that siding replacement isn’t just a cosmetic upgrade. It is a strategic investment that can improve energy efficiency, boost curb appeal, and offer a high ROI. Due to these factors and the dramatic impact siding can have on your property, we put it on the top of the list for exterior improvements that add the most value to your home. 

2. Energy-efficient window upgrades

Let’s talk about windows. They are the home improvement projects that people know they need to do, but the expense often hinders the progress. Many homeowners we have encountered can actually feel a draft when they are near their windows. Our clients have expressed energy bills climbing during extreme temperature season and signs of condensation in the panes as signs that their windows are an issue. 

The benefits of energy-efficient windows

Firstly, energy-efficient windows play a huge role in keeping your home comfortable and your bills low. Modern replacement windows are designed to keep your home comfortable regardless of the outside temperature and your energy bills low. Quality windows are designed to prevent heat from escaping during the winter and keep cool air inside during the summer. Because of this important task, quality windows can save you up to 25%-30% on heating and cooling energy use. Other benefits of energy-efficient windows include: 

Infographic created by Custom Exteriors highlighting the benefits of new windows

How to save money and make the right choice for your home

Part of the value of replacement windows is a long game. While many of the benefits, such as increased home value, are immediate, the real benefit of new windows accumulates over time. The reduction in energy costs adds up over time, and many of our customers find that their windows pay for themselves over time with the savings they accumulate. So, they’re basically free, right? 

When picking out the style of windows, choose windows that complement the other features of your home. It’s also important to select windows verified by the NFRC. This means they have been tested for their energy-saving properties. You’ll see labels with terms like U-factor, which measures how well a window insulates, or Solar Heat Gain Coefficient, indicating how much solar heat the window lets in. The lower these numbers, the better the window will perform. 

Even the best window can’t do its job if it isn’t installed correctly. Ensure a professional window installation to make full use of the windows’ features – otherwise, you might not get all the benefits, and it could void the warranty. 

By being a smart homeowner and choosing energy-efficient windows, you’re taking control of your comfort and your energy bills and even doing your part for the environment. Replacement windows are a sensible yet powerful update for your home and a move that will pay off in more ways than one. 

3. Modern roof replacement

Replacing an old or worn-out roof might not be as exciting as a kitchen makeover, but it’s one of the smartest investments you can make. Let’s explore why a new roof gives a great return on investment and should definitely be a part of your exterior remodel plan. 

Asphalt roof replacement by Custom Exteriors, a Greeley roofing contractor

A new roof is a smart investment

While there is debate on the actual ROI of a roof replacement, estimates vary from 68% to 109%, one thing is sure. Your roof serves as the only line of defense from above for everything our severe weather throws at it. Even if the ROI were 1%, it would still be a sound investment simply due to the protection it provides. Over time, an old roof can get damaged, leading to leaks and water damage. A new roof protects you from this damage and can save you the substantial costs associated with it. 

Custom Curb appeal

When someone looks at your home from the street, your roof is one of the most significant parts of your exterior. Whether you like it or not, your roof impacts your home’s first impression. If you ever decide to sell, potential buyers will often judge the condition of your home based on that first impression. A new roof can increase your home’s resale value, making it a practical upgrade that pays off. 

Let’s not forget the customization options that make your roof stand out. You aren’t stuck to a traditional asphalt shingle roof. Metal panels and synthetic shakes are fantastic materials that deliver on looks and durability. Metal roofing comes in many colors and styles. Panel roofs, designed with metal panels, are known for giving your home a sleek, modern look and come in a variety of styles and colors. It’s also known for being incredibly durable and long-lasting. Metal roofs can last up to 70 years!

Investing in a new roof during an exterior remodel is an opportunity to improve your home’s protection, style, and value all at once. With the addition of custom touches like metal panel accent sections, you’re also giving your house a unique focal point. So, when planning your next remodel, remember that a new roof could be your best investment!

4. new doors and garage doors

Door and garage door remodeling

When choosing an exterior remodeling project for your home, you want something that immediately impacts both ROI and curb appeal. New entry doors, patio doors, and garage doors are not just functional but can be show stoppers visually. Studies indicate that replacing your front door with a steel entry door can return an astounding 101% ROI. Other advantages of replacement entry, garage, and patio doors include: 

According to Angi, you can expect an average return on investment for a garage door replacement at 94%. 

Replacement entry doors come in many styles, materials, sizes, and colors. They are one of the simplest exterior remodeling projects, as a quick coat of paint on your front door can change the look of your entire exterior. It’s clear that when you are searching for an affordable but impactful remodel, a front door refresh might just be your quickest way to increased home value. 

5. Deck or Patio addition

We get it. Home improvements can be expensive. They are also about as much fun as watching paint dry (which we can arrange for you if you are into that.) But, when it comes to getting bang for your buck, constructing a deck or laying down a patio is actually loaded with unexpected benefits. 

For starters, a deck or patio can significantly increase your home’s value. A deck has an impressive ROI of 106%! That is an obvious no-brainer. But not only are you increasing your home’s value, but you are adding serious curb appeal and extra living space. A well-designed deck or patio creates a whole new area to enjoy at a fraction of the cost of an actual addition. 

According to, adding a new deck will recover 106% of its value when the house is sold. The estimated cost of the project was $9,450, and the estimated added value was $10,000, making it a clear choice for remodeling ROI.

Increased Function at a fraction of the cost

It’s no secret that a full-blown home expansion is pricey. However, a deck or patio allows you to gain living space, but not at the expense of actual living space. With this in mind, adding a deck or patio is a smart move for both function and budget. It costs less than an addition but still creates a comfortable space for your family to enjoy. 

A deck or patio looks great, provides an additional area to enjoy, and is a strategic move that pays off. Literally. Your new deck provides many benefits beyond just an increase in home value including:

A deck offers many tangible benefits, from financial gain to the intangible joys of spending time in the great outdoors. Making this addition to your home promises countless days of enjoyment and relaxation. 

6. Gutter replacement, repair, & Maintenance

Gutters play an important role in home maintenance, yet they are often overlooked until problems arise. Maintaining, replacing, or repairing your gutters is a strategic move that prevents costly damage. This simple exterior maintenance task helps keep the value of your home high and avoid the significant expenses associated with foundation repairs and water damage. 

Routine gutter maintenance is not optional. It’s also not an exaggeration to say that the health of your home depends on functional gutters that effectively channel rainwater away from your home. Without properly functioning gutters, you risk issues like basement flooding, eroded landscaping, weakened siding, and mold or mildew. All of those problems come with an expensive repair bill. The picture below is an example of what a lack of gutter maintenance can do to your home. Our crews located this while replacing the siding on a property, and it drastically increased the cost of the renovation. 

Lack of gutter maintenance creating mold issues discovered by Custom Exteriors during a siding replacement

Beyond just maintenance

There are gutter options like copper and other specialty gutters that create a dramatic look for your home’s exterior and help raise the value of the home at the same time. Copper gutters, for example, age beautifully over time, acquiring a patina that can make your home stand out in the best way possible. Our crews just finished a gutter installation where the homeowner chose black gutters and downspouts. It created a dramatic impact and added a sleek, modern look to a home that was actually built in the 1970s.

Your gutters may not seem like a glamorous addition to your home. However, they can be a visual focal point with a bold choice like copper or black. Regardless, the diligent maintenance and timely replacement of your gutter system is imperative to the structural integrity and appearance of your property. 

7. Exterior light solutions

According to, adding a new deck will recover 106% of its value when the house is sold. The estimated cost of the project was $9,450, and the estimated added value was $10,000, making it a clear choice for remodeling ROI.

Exterior lighting is a valuable exterior upgrade

Exterior lighting is an often underrated but crucial upgrade. The right lighting can dramatically improve the look and feel of your home, not to mention enhancing your home’s security. Whether it’s path lights leading up to your front door, floodlights for security, accent lighting to showcase an accent wall, or your favorite landscaping, each will improve the appearance, security, and value of your home. Our favorite ways to add value while creating an inviting and functional outdoor space through lighting are: 

1. Layered Lighting:

Layered lighting systems can be an in-depth and sometimes expensive task. It is achieved by utilizing a mix of ambient, task, and accent lighting to create depth and interest in your yard and on the exterior of your home. 

Ambient lighting provides overall illumination (wall-mounted lights, post lights, and ceiling lights.) This kind of lighting is used to provide broad illumination to an outdoor area. Task lighting focuses light on specific areas for security purposes. Task lighting examples include pathway lighting, security lighting (often on motion sensors,) and accent deck lights. Accent lighting is used to highlight features of your property or landscape and draw attention to specific points. Exterior accent lights include spotlights, garden lights, lights integrated into walls or steps, and underwater lighting.

2. Pathway Lighting:

Some exterior projects aren’t difficult or expensive. One of those is pathway lights. While you won’t achieve the impact of a layered lighting system, you will see a dramatic improvement in both your exterior safety (providing a clear, well-lit path to your door) and your curb appeal. A well-lit walkway adds a welcoming glow that guides guests to your door. 

The great thing about pathway lights is they are relatively inexpensive and an easy DIY project. Installing solar lights is honestly as easy as driving the provided stake into the ground and setting the light. While low-voltage systems are slightly more difficult, they are still fairly simple to install and generally just plug into an exterior outlet. 

3. Accent Lighting:

Use spotlights, floodlights, or in-ground lighting to draw attention to specific features such as trees, sculptures, or architectural details in your home. This style of lighting not only shows off the best features of your home, it also adds some drama and interest to your exteriors. 

4. Dimmer, Controls, & Color Temperatures:

Incorporating dimmers, timers, and motion sensors allows you to control the intensity and timing of your lighting. This flexibility helps set the mood for different occasions and can increase security and your home’s energy efficiency. 

Choosing the right color temperature for your bulbs can dramatically 

5. Replace outdated lighting

One of the quickest and most affordable ways to upgrade your exterior lighting is to replace dated fixtures with new, stylish choices. Light fixtures are a great way to express your personal tastes and quickly update the look of your home. One thing to consider prior to replacing light fixtures is that our experience shows that when you replace your dated light fixtures with a modern finish, that bright gold door handle is going to look even worse. So, just be aware that it is possible that by replacing your light fixtures, you may create some additional remodeling tasks. 

Choosing the right lighting setup involves considering both the functional aspects, like security and visibility, and the visual aspects. The goal is a balance that meets your needs, fits your budget, and upgrades your exterior appearance at the same time. It’s a relatively simple upgrade that can make a huge impact in the way people see your home. Because of this, you could see a substantial return on your investment. 

According to HGTV, transforming your exterior walkways, landscaping, and patios with outdoor lighting boosts curb appeal and the value of your home. It is the most cost-effective exterior home improvement project for homeowners. 

Get started on your custom exterior

Seven exterior projects that increase your homes value infographic designed by Custom Exteriors

In wrapping up, we circle to the essentials: quality siding, energy-efficient windows, a durable roof, a welcoming deck, impactful doors, well-maintained drainage systems (gutters), and exterior lighting improvements. In our decades of experience in the industry, these seven exterior upgrades stand out as wise investments. They go beyond just curb appeal and create substantial boosts in your home’s value and your personal enjoyment. 

As homeowners, we all want a stylish, welcoming space to enjoy. Making strategic upgrades to our exteriors ensures our property continues to rise in value and creates a beautiful space for us to enjoy in the present. 

Each of the renovations discussed brings its own benefits and charms, so envision your dream home. Choosing one of the seven renovations we have discussed to accomplish it is an investment in your home’s value and the enjoyment of a relaxing sanctuary at your own home. 

Infographic designed by Custom Exteriors explaining the path of rainwater on your roof and how gutters serve to direct it

The Essential Guide to Gutter Cleaning: Protecting Your Home in Every Season

The essential guide to gutter cleaning:
Protecting your home every season

If I told you that, in our experience, the system that causes the most and costliest damage when left unmaintained isn’t your roof but your gutters, would you be surprised? Well, don’t be. Decades of experience in exterior remodeling has taught us one thing. The health of your home hangs in the balance of your exterior maintenance, specifically gutter cleaning and maintenance. We have seen firsthand the silent havoc your gutters can cause with a lack of maintenance. Our experience has shown us the critical role gutters play in maintaining the integrity of your house! This is why we want to share our knowledge and experience with you, emphasizing the importance of keeping those gutters clean and properly sloped for the protection of your home. 

The need for gutter maintenance is especially high in two seasons: spring and fall. Why, you might ask, do these two seasons need special attention? The answer lies in the unique challenges they present. In many places throughout the US, and certainly here in Colorado, spring often comes with heavy rains that can push your home’s ability to manage the excess water effectively to the limit. Without a clear pathway, that water can find its way inside your home, leading to mold, water damage, and many other problems, including structural issues. Fall, on the other hand, fills your gutters with leaves, twigs, and debris, clogging up the pathway and setting the stage for ice dams and further water damage once winter arrives. 

A necessity, not an option

Through our years of service, we’ve seen the costly and often preventable damage that comes from neglected gutter maintenance. From mold taking hold in the damp recesses of a home to water undermining the foundation of the property, the consequences are real and can be severe. That’s why we stress the importance of regular gutter cleaning not as just a recommendation but as an important part of your home maintenance routines. In this guide we will cover: 

So, please let us guide you through the why, the when, and the how of gutter cleaning. Custom Exteriors aims to provide you with the knowledge and skill to keep your home looking beautiful while protecting it at the same time. So, grab your ladder (metaphorically speaking), and let’s talk about your gutters, leaves, and debris and the simple measures that can save you a world of hassle and expense. 

Why gutters matter more than you think

Infographic designed by Custom Exteriors explaining the path of rainwater on your roof and how gutters serve to direct it

Imagine your home during a heavy rainstorm. Where does all that water go? Your gutters are the primary path to take all the rainwater gathered across your entire roof and guide it safely away from your home. But if you aren’t quite sure what gutters do or why they’re so important, you’re not alone. 

Gutters are the long channels that run along some edges of your roof. Their job is simple but incredibly important: they catch rainwater as it runs off your roof and direct it away from your home. This might not sound like a big deal at first, but without gutters, your home is at real risk for water damage. 

Here’s why gutters are important: 

1. Protection from water damage:

Without gutters, rainwater would just pour right off your roof, down the walls, and accumulate around the foundation of your house. Over time, when the ground becomes saturated, water can fill window wells and seep into the home. This can lead to basement flooding, causing damage that can be expensive to fix. 

2. Keeping the foundation strong:

Your foundation supports your entire home and every system within it. If water pools around the foundation because there are no gutters or they are clogged, it can weaken the structure. Over time, this constant moisture can lead to cracks or even more serious damage. 

3. Preventing mold and mildew:

Mold thrives in damp places. If water constantly drips down your home’s sides because the gutters aren’t doing their job, it creates the perfect home for mold and mildew. This isn’t just a problem for your home’s structure; it can also affect your family’s health. 

4. Saving your landscaping:

Do you take pride in your yard and landscaping? Gutters help protect your landscaping from being washed away or damaged by heavy rains. As the water is directed off the roof and through the gutters, it reaches your downspouts and is drained away from your home and its landscape. 

5. Avoiding pest problems:

In addition to all of the physical damage standing water causes to your home, it can also attract pests. By keeping your gutters clean, you’re not giving mosquitoes a perfect place to breed right outside your front door

These are the reasons it is so important to understand the role gutters play in keeping your home protected from water damage. They might not get all the attention that other parts of your house do, but they’re working hard behind the scenes to prevent potential problems. However, they need care in order to function properly, which is why cleaning them out regularly is so important. Stick with us, and we’ll show you how to take care of your gutters, ensuring they continue to protect your home season after season. 

According to Architectural Digest, The average cost to have your gutters cleaned is $207.  The average cost for mold mitigation is $2230. Exterior maintenance is an investment in both your home and your peace of mind.

The consequences of ignoring gutter maintenance

Neglecting gutter cleaning can create issues that may not be noticeable until they are serious and expensive. Examples of damage we have encountered due to lack of routine maintenance includes: 

We have seen firsthand damage to roof decks, siding, and drywall due to the lack of gutter maintenance. Because of this, ignoring gutter cleaning is not a risk we are willing to take. The consequences of inadequate gutter maintenance come with the hassle of scheduling and living through repairs and significant costs. Regular gutter maintenance is a simple and effective way to protect your home from these potentially devastating problems and have the peace of mind that comes with that knowledge. 

The importance of gutter cleaning in the fall and spring

Unfortunately, cleaning your gutters isn’t just a once-a-year kind of job. Just like the other exterior components like your roof and siding, you need to perform regular maintenance. To really protect your home, it’s crucial to focus on gutter maintenance, especially in two key seasons: fall and spring. Drawing from our team’s decades of experience, let me tell you why these times are so important. 

Custom photo created by Custom Exteriors to illustrate the reason it is important to clean your gutters in both the spring and the fall

Spring Cleaning:

Rainy season Prep:

We’ve all heard the term “spring showers,” and those showers need somewhere to go. In certain parts of the country, these spring showers regularly turn into spring downpours. After winter, your gutters might be filled with leftover leaves, debris from ice and storms, or even nests that animals make during the colder months. If your gutters are clogged with debris, all that rainwater has nowhere to go except back into your home. Cleaning out your gutters ensures spring rains have a clear path away from your home, keeping your basement dry and your foundation safe. 

Damage inspection:

Spring is also a great time to check for any damage that winter might have caused to your gutters. Freezing and thawing, heavy snow, and ice can all lead to cracks in your gutter system. We have also seen gutter systems collapse or pull away from the house under the sheer weight of the ice built up in them over the winter. So, catching and fixing these issues before your first torrential downpour can save you a lot of trouble and money down the road. It’s also a great time to check over your roof and do a brief roof inspection for any signs your roof might need maintenance before the rain starts falling. 

Fall Cleaning:

Leaves and Debris:

In Colorado, in the fall, trees shed their leaves like crazy. Our yards are shades of orange and brown, and everyone in the neighborhood dedicates a few days each fall to cleaning up their yards from the mess made by shedding trees. But guess where else those leaves landed? In your gutters! These falling leaves, twigs, and other debris can quickly fill up your gutters, blocking water from flowing through. If water can’t flow, it can cause all the problems we’ve discussed, like leaks and foundation damage. 

Preparing for winter:

By cleaning your gutters in the fall, you’re preparing your home to face the winter storms and snow we see in the winter in Colorado. Clogged gutters can lead to ice dams which cause water to back up and damage your roof, ceilings, and walls. Clear gutters mean a smoother path for snow and ice to melt and drain away, preventing this damage. 

Based on our team’s experience, regular gutter maintenance in these two seasons can significantly reduce the risk of water damage and expensive repairs. So, grab that ladder and those gloves. If your physical limitations prevent safe ladder use, call in the professionals and give your home the care it deserves. 

Your step-by-step guide to gutter cleaning

Cleaning your gutters might seem like a big task, but it’s actually something most homeowners can do on their own with a little bit of guidance. Before anything else, safety is key. Consider your physical limitations before beginning. If, for any reason, you can not safely climb a ladder or have questions about your ability to do so with a bucket full of tools, call in a professional. Your safety should be your first concern; gutter cleaning is a reasonably affordable service. 

If you are comfortable with heights and safe ladder use, ensure you have a sturdy ladder that can reach your gutters comfortably. Always place it on solid, level ground. Having someone with you to hold the ladder steady while you work is a good idea. Never lean over the ladder’s sides, and don’t forget to wear gloves to protect your hands from sharp objects and a pair of goggles to keep your eyes safe. 

Infographic created by Custom Exteriors that shows each step required to clean your gutters

Step 1: Gather your tools

You’ll need a few basic tools before you start that will make the job smoother and quicker:

Step 2: Remove Debris

Following appropriate safety guidelines, climb up your ladder and start scooping out the leaves, twigs, and any other debris you find in your gutters. You can use your gloved hands, a garden trowel, or a gutter scoop to do this. Gutter scoops are a tool made to fit in and clear your gutters perfectly. They are available online and at your local home improvement store for under ten dollars. Put your debris in your bucket or the tarp you have laid below your work area. This is a messy job, so be prepared to get dirty. If the leaves are dry and loose and you are comfortable getting onto your roof, a leaf blower is a quick and effective method to clear the leaves. 

Step 3: Flush the gutters

Once you have cleared your gutters of all the visible pieces of debris, it’s time to flush out the gutters with your hose or pressure washer. If you use a pressure washer, start with low pressure and gradually increase your pressure to the lowest setting required to verify the water drains properly and flows freely. High-pressure water can cause extreme damage to your home. Flushing your gutters will help clear out any smaller bits and check that water can flow freely through your gutters and downspouts. If water backs up, there might be a clog in the downspout that you need to clear. 

Step 4: Check for Clogs in Downspouts

If you notice that water isn’t flowing freely, you may have a clog in one of your downspouts. Sometimes, tapping gently on the side of the downspout can loosen the debris. In tougher cases, you might need to use a plumber’s snake or high-pressure water to clear the blockage. 

Step 5: Inspect for Damage

If you are already on your roof, it’s a great time to take a moment to look over your gutters and downspouts for any signs of damage, like holes, cracks, or sections that are pulling away from the house. These issues can lead to bigger problems if they’re not fixed. It’s also a good time to do a brief roof inspection while you have a closer look at the components. 

Step 6: Make repairs as needed:

If you find any damage, it’s important to fix it as soon as possible. Some repairs might be simple enough to do yourself, like sealing small holes or reattaching parts of the gutter that have come loose. For bigger repairs, you might need to call in a professional. 

Pro Tips for easier and safer Gutter cleaning

Tip 1: Use the Right Ladder: Invest in a sturdy, extendable ladder that reaches safely beyond the edge of your gutters. Another wise addition is a standoff stabilizer (also known as a ladder “horn” or “arm”). This keeps the ladder from resting directly on the gutters, which can cause damage such as denting or scratching. 

Tip 2: Wear Protective Gear:  Always wear gloves to protect your hands from sharp debris and edges inside the gutter. Safety glasses or goggles are also a must to protect your eyes from any flying debris. Also, depending on your level of comfort with heights, a harness can guard against injuries from falling. 

Tip 3: Use a Gutter Scoop: A plastic gutter scoop is the best tool for removing gunky debris. It is designed to fit perfectly inside most gutter systems and is nearly a foot long, making short work of clearing gutters. It’s also tough enough to scrape out compacted material but soft enough not to damage the gutter. 

Tip 4: Get a Garden Hose With a Spray Nozzle: After scooping out the debris, use a garden hose with a spray nozzle to flush the gutters. This helps you make sure water is flowing freely and draining away from your home properly. It also presents the opportunity to find any leaks that may need to be fixed before the rain/snow seasons. 

Tip 5: Clean from the Ground When Possible: Consider using gutter cleaning tools that can be operated from the ground, such as gutter cleaning wands or a shop vac with gutter attachments. This reduces the risk of falls. 

Tip 6: Secure Your Debris Bucket: Attach a bucket with a handle to your ladder with a lanyard or a hook for an easy way to keep debris close without having to go up and down the ladder too many times. You can also lay tarps under your work area instead of using a bucket and gather all debris at once.

Tip 7: Check the Weather: Plan your gutter cleaning on a day when the weather has been dry for a few days. Wet and soggy debris is heavier and messier to deal with. 

Tip 8: Work Safely and Methodically: Move the ladder frequently rather than overreaching. Overreaching can destabilize your ladder and lead to falls. Take your time and work in sections to stay safe. 

Tip 9: Inspect and Repair as You Go: Keep an eye out for any signs of damage or wear, such as cracks, holes, or rust. Small issues can often be repaired on the spot with gutter sealant or patches. 


Securing your home with regular maintenance

Regular gutter maintenance, along with routine exterior maintenance, offers long-term benefits that go far beyond curb appeal. Some of the immediate benefits of maintaining your home are: 

Lastly, keeping up with gutter and exterior maintenance gives you peace of mind. Knowing that you’ve taken proactive steps to protect your home means one less thing to worry about. You can rest easy during heavy rains and storms, confident that your home is well-prepared to handle whatever the weather throws its way. 

Just remember, the effort you put into maintaining your home’s gutters and exteriors pays off in the long run. Not only does it save you money by preventing costly damage, but it also maintains, and potentially increases, your home’s value, contributes to a healthier living environment, and provides peace of mind. So, take the time to schedule regular maintenance checks – its and investment in your home’s future and your own well-being.